Tokyo Jihen - Details About New Album

As you may have heard, Tokyo Jihen are releasing a new album, titled Sports, in February 24. It will include the single "Noudouteki Sanpunkan" and the previously released song "Senko Shoujo". But more details have surfaced already, such as the tracklist and the album cover.

Title: スポーツ (Sports)
Release Date: 2010.02.24
01 - 生きる (Ikiru)
02 - 電波通信 (Denpa Tsuushin)
03 - シーズンサヨナラ (Season Sayonara)
04 - 勝ち戦 (Kachi Ikusa)
05 - FOUL
06 - 雨天決行 (Uten Kekkou)
07 - 能動的三分間 (Noudouteki Sanpunkan)
08 - 絶体絶命 (Zettai Zetsumei)
09 - FAIR
10 - 乗り気 (Noriki)
11 - スイートスポット (Sweet Spot)
12 - 閃光少女 (Senkou Shoujo)
13 - 極まる (Kimaru)

There will be two editions: limited and normal.

PS - Information retrieved from Orenji's Blog (link in the sidebar).


Tokyo Jihen - 2009.11.27 - Music Station

Altough Tokyo Jihen didn't really "raise the dead on your turntable" with this Music Station performance, they sure did make me work again on this blog. You see, it's not that I haven't been keeping up with Ringo activities or that I don't have anything else to post, I've just been really busy these days. But I don't wanna leave you guys missing out anything that is "new", so here it is (a week later!).

01 - 能動的三分間 (Noudouteki Sanpunkan)
Download (MP3 V0)
Download (MP4 H264 852x480)


Tokyo Jihen - Watering KissMint TV Ad

This TV advertisement for Glico's gum Watering KissMint was actually released before the "Noudouteki Sanpunkan" PV, but I didn't find any YouTube link for it so that's why I didn't post sooner.

Video was removed from YouTube.

It feautures Ringo eating a gum and then moonwalking her way to a couch, which makes perfect sense, and in the background we can hear a short clip of TJ's new song.


Tokyo Jihen - Noudouteki Sanpunkan PV

Hey there folks! It's finally here, Tokyo Jihen's new song/PV! As you remember from my last post, the song is called "Noudouteki Sanpunkan" (pretty unpronounceable, I know) or just "3min", the official english translation. The song's duration is 3 minutes by the way (surprise!).

Video was removed from YouTube.

Anyway, I wasn't very excited about these Tokyo Jihen news, but the song is unexpectedly good. Maybe it's really just because I was expecting something bad, who knows. I do think the video is pretty good if not one of their best videos yet and altough the Michael Jackson references first seem out of place, let's not forget the funky groove and well, the fact that it could be a tribute to the deceased artist.
Still, I think the best approach to this is to just continue unhyped and hopefully get a decent B-Side and then an enjoyable album. The Adultish sound of this new song could also tell us something about the album, unless it's titled Variety 2. Remember how "OSCA" didn't tell us anything about the final sound of Variety? Exactly.

Thanks to all of my friends who linked me the video :)


Tokyo Jihen - New Single, Album and Tour

Exactly one month has passed since my last post, but finally here I am again. Through internetless times and busy weeks, I'm once again available to take care of this special place!

But for now I'm just going to "update" everyone on what has been "updated" some weeks ago: Tokyo Jihen's new moves!
First, we have a single released December of this year. It's called "Noudouteki Sanpunkan" (能動的三分間).

Noudouteki Sanpunkan
Release Date: 2009.12.02
TOCT-40280 1,000円($11)
1 - 能動的三分間 (Noudouteki Sanpunkan)
2 - 我慢 (Gaman)

Ringo will be in charge of the lyrics for both songs, but only the lead track will be composed by her. "Gaman" will be composed by Ichiyou Izawa. As for translations, the first track means something like "3 Minutes of Activity", but the official translation from kronekodow is just "3min". The second track means "Endurance".
So if there was any doubt about the theme of this single, there shouldn't be any by now: Tokyo Jihen are into sports now.

And that seems to also be true for the rest of the album where this single will be included, altough there is no title or release date so far. But it should be soon, since there is yet another annoucement: a nationwide tour in 2010.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Tokyo Jihen live tour 2010 Ultra C is the name of this new tour, which will span 22 concerts, from March 26 to June 23. It will be used to promote the new album, but I'm not sure if there's going to be a DVD release of the tour, like what happened with 2007's Spa & Treatment tour. I just think it all seems too fast to be any kind of "big thing", like in the Dynamite Out days, where not 1 but 2 DVDs were released. This is my opinion tho, of course.

Anyway, to check the different dates of the tour, just head out to kronekodow's website. The News section in the english page is worth checking out.

That's all for now. See you guys next time!

PS - Most information found in this post was taken from Orenji's personal blog. Thanks!


Tokyo Jihen - COUNTDOWN JAPAN 09/10

According to the popular j-music website Natalie.mu, Tokyo Jihen will perform at this year's COUNTDOWN JAPAN, a yearly event that starts December 28 and goes all the way into the new year.
Tokyo Jihen were there in 2006 as well, where they performed a pre-Heisei Fuuzoku version of "Oiran" (which I love). Let's hope this year's performance will bring us something to be excited with. But on the other hand, I also hope they do announce some more stuff for this year, because December is still a little bit far away.
The band will perform on December 30 and you can check the other artists at COUNTDOWN JAPAN here.

Thanks for the news Orenji!

Shiina Ringo - 2009.08.26 - Seiteki Healing 4

Here are all the PVs from the Seiteki Healing 4 DVD, including the alternative PV for "Irokoizata". I don't know how long they will stay on YouTube tho, so this post risks getting useless in the future, I guess. Enjoy!

旬 (Shun)

Video was removed from YouTube.

流行 (Ryuukou)

Video was removed from YouTube.

色恋沙汰 (Irokoizata)

Video was removed from YouTube.

色恋沙汰 (Irokoizata) Alternative

Video was removed from YouTube.
To access this alternative PV you must change the video angle during the normal "Irokoizata" PV.

ありあまる富 (Ariamaru Tomi)

Video was removed from YouTube.

都合のいい身体 (Tsugou no Ii Karada)

Video was removed from YouTube.

丸の内サディスティック (EXPO Ver.) (Marunouchi Sadistic)

Video was removed from YouTube.


Shiina Ringo - 2000.07.30 - Zazen Xstasy

I consider Zazen Xstasy to be one of Ringo's most important concerts ever. It was a one night show, only available to a restricted number of fans, and with a setlist composed of tons of B-Sides, instead of the cliché songs. Some of them had interesting new arrangements and overall the performances were great. Also, it was the first and only Ringo concert to be broadcast live through the internet, with the choppy video/audio quality of the year 2000. And someone ripped it.
For some time, that rip and other audience recordings where the only way for anyone to experience the greatness of this concert. However, as everyone knows, we got lucky and in 2008 EMI released a great quality DVD with the full concert... Or was it? Not really! For some reason they decided to cut one of the songs, "Haikei EMI-dono", which is a cover of Sex Pistols' "EMI".

So what I've got here is the rip of the web streaming of the concert, which contains MC parts excluded from the DVD and also the Sex Pistols cover. But as you can guess, the audio quality is pretty crappy (and from what I saw of the video, that one is crappy too), so fortunately I also got hold of a audience recording bootleg of the "Haikei EMI-dono" song which sounds so much better.

I think the better option here is to keep the web rip because of the MCs (unless you don't care about those things) and then put "Haikei EMI-dono" along with the DVD rips of Zazen Xstasy (which I don't provide), in the order I will show bellow.

Tour: 座禅エクスタシー (Zazen Xstasy)
Venue: 嘉穂劇場 (Kaho Theatre)
Date: 2000.07.30
01 - 時が暴走する (Toki ga Busou Suru)
02 - 積木遊び (Tsumiki Asobi)
03 - 眩暈 (Memai)
04 - 少女ロボット (Shoujo Robot)
05 - リモートコントローラー (Remote Controller)
06 - MC1
07 - 茜さす帰路照らされど… (Akane-sasu Kiro Terasaredo…)
08 - 拝啓EMI殿 (Haikei EMI-dono)
09 - アイデンティティ (Identity)
10 - 病床パブリック (Byoushou Public)
11 - アンコンディショナル・ラブ (Unconditional Love)
12 - MC2
13 - サカナ (Sakana)
14 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Kabukichou no Joou)
15 - 弁解ドビュッシー (Benkai Debussy)
16 - 浴室 (Yokushitsu)
17 - マイラグジュアリーナイト (My Luxury Night)
18 - シドと白昼夢 (Sid to Hakuchuumu)
19 - ストイシズム (Stoicism)

Download (MP3 v5)

You might be wondering why there is no "Nihon ni Umarete", and that's because it wasn't broadcasted in the web streaming.
Anyway, here is the "Haikei EMI-dono" from the audience recording bootleg, which sounds very good.

Download (MP3 160CBR)

PS - Starting this Saturday I'm going to be internetless during a month (maybe), so this is probably my last post till then. See ya!

Shiina Ringo - MY FOOLISH HEART PV + News

Okay, this was unexpected. So it seems SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS released a PV for the Ringo featuring song, "MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~×椎名林檎". That said, there's no Ringo or apples on the video, at all. Leave a comment if you can see any reference to our lady please!

Thanks to my friend Orenji for the heads-up!

Update: According to the SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS website, there's a new arrangement of "MY FOOLISH HEART" called "MY FOOLISH HEART~Crazy in Shibuya~" which was released today on the japanese iTunes store and also as Chaku-Uta (ringtone).

If you have access to it, don't waste time and go buy the song, because it's a limited time release!


Shiina Ringo - 1999.08.12 - Tamentai Telepathy

Tamentai Telepathy, or 多面体テレパシー (meaning Polyhedron Telepathy), is another Space Shower TV special program about Shiina Ringo. First broadcasted two months before the release of the "Honnou" single, it's a hour long interview with Ringo, mostly shot in b/w. There are some clips of her PVs and other kinds of footage, but it's mostly b/w. The highlight of this whole interview is that Ringo has a realistic (toy) gun with her and at some points waves her carelessly around. Reminds me of her "Yokushitsu" performance at Ringo EXPO 08.
Anyway, like any other Ringo interview, it's a bit useless without an english translation, something I would like to provide but can't. Maybe one day...

Download (MP4 H264 352x262)

Shiina Ringo - 2000.08.30 - Kyuudan Recycle

Kyuudan Recycle, or 糾弾リサイクル (meaning Blame Recycle), is a special program made and broadcasted by Space Shower TV, first airing some weeks before the release of Zecchoushuu. Like the name implies, it's a "recycling" of old interviews, mainly Tamentai Telepathy and Yuuhatsu Orgasm. At the end of the program there's the PV for "Yattsuke Shigoto" along with a small Zecchoushuu ad.
Sadly, there is no english translation of this, so I guess it's not very useful to us non-japanese fans. I wonder if anyone out there is available to translate these kinds of interviews? Because I got a bunch here.

Download (MP4 H264 320x240)



I didn't use the full name of the song because I didn't want to have a huge post title. Anyway, here's a YouTube video of the song "MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~×椎名林檎", from SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS latest album, 6.

Video was removed from YouTube.

I think the the second half gets better. It doesn't feel like a Ringo song, but it sounds pretty nice. I like SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS anyway.


Small update on NHK SONGS audio

I was listening to the NHK SONGS audio rips for the first time in a couple of months, and finally decided it was time to redo them. The thing is, the volume is too low because I didn't adjust the levels like I should, so everytime the songs come up I need to raise the volume manually. Which is annoying, of course.
There are ways to fix this, for example with Foobar's Audio Gain or with iTunes Volume Adjustment, but I guess it's easier if the files already have the gain applied. Which is what I did.
So I updated the correspondent posts with the new links, while keeping the old ones as well, in case someone wants them.


And that's it. See ya!


Shiina Ringo - 2007.06.00 - Sannin Kichisa

Oh my god! I've been looking for this video for so long! Finally!

Ok, excuse me for my happiness. What we have here is a video of Nakamura Kanzaburou XVIII's kabuki play called "Sannin Kichisa", that was on stage during the month of June, 2007 (related post). More exactly, the part where the song "Tamatebako", that Ringo wrote for Kenzaburou, is playing in the background.
It was later broadcasted on television in some occasions (August and September 2007, for example).

I (fortunately) got an audio rip of the song back in the day, but the video was nowhere to be found. I searched and searched the darkest places of internet, but nothing! So now I can finally leave this matter rest. I'm still not sure which day the video recording took place, so I'll leave it 2007.06.00, because I only know the year and the month.

01 - 玉手箱 (Tamatebako)
Download (MP3 V0)
Download (MP4 H264 480x360)

Other stuff that I found before are the lyrics (found on this chinese website) and a big resolution image of the Sannin Kichisa poster. I'm sure the romaji I did isn't perfect and we sure would be happier with a translation, but I guess it's better than nothing, eh?
Oh by the way, the chinese website has a bunch of information regarding the kabuki play, so if you can read chinese... be thankful, because I can't!

眠れよい子や (nemure yoi ko ya)
明くる日は (akuru hi wa)
お宮参りさ (omiya mairi sa)
ねんねしな (nenne shina)

眠るよい子は (nemuru yoi ko wa)
玉手箱 (tamatebako)
目を離したら (me wo hanashi tara)
あっという間 (attoiu ma)

眠れよい子や (nemure yoi ko ya)
雪の夜は (yuki no yoru wa)
さぞ永いだろう (sazo nagai darou)
ねんころろ (nenkororo)

眠るよい子は (nemuru yoi ko wa)
玉手箱 (tamatebako)
みつめていても (mitsumeteitemo)
あっという間 (attoiu ma)
あっという間 (attoiu ma)

PS - I wanna thank my friend Bromithia for providing the YouTube link. I'm not sure who was the first person to find it tho. As for the audio rip, it was given by Ringo fan EmilScherbe. Well, thanks everyone!

PPS - I don't think I can tag this post with "Era Heisei Fuuzoku" or "Era Variety". If we consider the date, it would be Variety, but that's a Tokyo Jihen album and this collaboration sure wasn't any form of promotion. So I won't define an Era.

PPPS - As found on the Nostalgic Lavender website (thanks for the info Mat!), it seems the play was broadcasted on TV earlier than what I thought, so I updated the post with that info. Also, sorry for labeling this with the wrong month, it's fixed now! As you can see from this post I was aware of the correct month, June, but converted it to 7 instead of 6. My bad!


Shiina Ringo - 2000.01.24 - Pop Jam

I do not have much information about this special episode of PopJam, but I suppose it isn't anything very important. What you see in the video is Ringo performing a slightly-short version of "Honnou" with most (if not all) of Gyakutai Glycogen's members. In the second part, Ringo acts has co-host of the show and makes a small comment about the Morning Musume performance (not included) and then presents the popular band The Yellow Monkey. But first comes a comedy duo pretending to be members of the band, only to be teased at by the real members that appear afterwards. They then have a joke performance of the song "JAM", which was used as theme song of PopJam at the time. During that time Ringo is next to them and exchanges some words, but nothing really important.

01 - 本能 (Honnou)
Download (MP3 V3)
Download (MP4 H264 320x240)


Shiina Ringo - Soil&"Pimp"Sessions Collaboration

I completely forgot about this piece of news. Well, it has been annouced that Ringo would be featured in Soil&"Pimp"Sessions new album, called 6, but only recently have more details been released. And the album is hitting stores pretty soon! Anyway, here's the tracklist:

Album: 6
Band: Soil&"Pimp"Sessions
Release Date: 2009.09.16
1 - SEVEN (Intro Sound Collage by DJKENTARO)
4 - MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy in mind~
9 - MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~×椎名林檎
11 - “STOLEN MOMENTS” featuring Jamie Cullum
13 - 殺戮と平和 (Satsuriku to Heiwa)

So the song is called "MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~×椎名林檎" and the lyrics will be in english. There is some kind of connection between track 4 and 9, something like one is instrumental only and the other has vocals... I guess we'll have to wait for September 16 to be sure of this.

PS - Apparently Blogger is not OK with using the sign "&" on tags, so I'll have to write "Soil and Pimp Sessions". Sorry!

I should have done this before making this post, but well... nothing I can do now except update. With exciting additions!
So it seems the Ringo collaboration has been playing in some japanese radios for at least 2 weeks, so the full version must be around somewhere. For now, here's what I found: 30 seconds previews for track 4 and 9.

4 - MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy in mind~ (preview)
9 - MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~×椎名林檎 (preview)
Download (WMA V2)

This confirms that track 4 is in fact a more up-tempo arrangement of track 9. And I got to admit, altough kind of perplexed at first, I'm loving Ringo's participation. Completely different from anything we heard before, right? I just think her voice is a bit too low, but maybe it's just in the preview.
Also, here's the link to the site where you can hear the previews for every track in the album. Let's hope I don't get in any trouble for linking their site...

PS - The tags of the WMAs are unchanged, except that I added the album name and track numbers. I'm saying this because they are different from the ones found on Soil&"Pimp"Session's official website, which I have used in this posts. Those are the correct tags.


Shiina Ringo - 2000.04.26 - Gekokujyo Xstasy

Remember this other post? Well, aparently someone was kind enough to provide this other nice bootleg of the same Gekokujyo Concert, at NHK Hall. I call it bootleg but it's actually a professional recording (video and audio) that just wasn't for sale. Alas, the video quality isn't impressive, and most of the times the picture is too dark, but I think it is well worth it. The higher resolution of the picture also provides a (much) better experience than the Kyoei Buranko video. Unfortunately, I couldn't compress it to less than ~900MB, because I didn't want to risk the picture quality with a lossy encode of an already lossy DVD source. However, you will agree that it's better than 2 DVD ISOs (~8GB), right? It's also almost 2 hours of video.
Anyway, that aside, I replaced the cover image of the previous post to one that now includes a "Fan Recording Version" label, so for this new version I will use the previous cover. The reason for this is that you will notice these MP3s sound much much better than the fan-recorded ones, which means this bootleg will be the standard for this concert. The other bootleg is still going to be available tho.
So I guess that's it! Enjoy.

Tour: 下剋上エクスタシー (Gekokujyo Xstasy)
Venue: NHKホール (NHK Hall)
Date: 2000.04.26
01 - Concert Beginning
02 - Medley
03 - Audience Cheering
04 - Band Enters Stage
05 - 本能 (Honnou)
06 - 虚言症 (Kyogenshou)
07 - 積木遊び (Tsumiki Asobi)
08 - Band Introduction
09 - あおぞら (Aozora)
10 - ギブス (Gips)
11 - MC1
12 - ギャンブル (Gamble)
13 - やっつけ仕事 (Yattsuke Shigoto)
14 - 弁解ドビュッシー (Benkai Debussy)
15 - ここでキスして。 (Koko de Kissu Shite)
16 - アイデンティティ (Identity)
17 - 警告 (Keikoku)
18 - MC2
19 - 罪と罰 (Tsumi to Batsu)
20 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Kabukichou no Joou)
21 - 浴室 (Yokushitsu)
22 - 依存症 (Izonshou)
23 - シドと白昼夢 (Sid to Hakuchuumu)
24 - 病床パブリック (Byoushou Public)
25 - Audience Cheering
26 - MC3
27 - 同じ夜 (Onaji Yoru)
28 - Audience Cheering
29 - MC4
30 - 月に負け犬 (Tsuki ni Makeinu)
31 - Concert Ending

Download (MP3 V2)
Download (MP4 H264 720x540 Chapters) Part 1 Part 2

PS - You will need 7zip to extract the video file, because it's split in 2 parts.


Shiina Ringo - 1995.05.14 - Teen's Music Festival '95

Here's a really old one, from 1995. To be more exact, this isn't solo Ringo per se, but instead her pre-debut band Marvelous Marble, that was composed of the following members:

Vocal: 椎名裕美子 (Shiina Yumiko)
Guitar: 津田由貴子 (Tsuda Yukiko)
Bass: 中川愛 (Nakagawa Ai)
Keys: 末永いずみ (Suenaga Izumi)
Drums: 時津梨乃 (Tokitsu Rino; Drummer of Roletta Secohan during 1998-2008)

They participated in the 9th edition of Yamaha's Teen's Music Festival, with hopes of getting the grand prize. At the end, they only got an Encouragement Award (奨励賞), in the Earnest Award (ひたむき賞) category. The grand prize went to singer aiko.
The song they chose to perform, "Just Missed the Train", is actually a cover of the original version by Trine Rein (1993), and not by Dannielle Brisebois (1994) like the video says, because the lines Ringo sings at the end of the video are only found on Trine Rein's version. That said, I think any of those versions of the song are pretty good and Ringo's is too. The sad part is there's no recording of the complete performance, at least that I know of, so we only get a 1:22 clip... Well, better than nothing! Here it is.

01 - Just Missed the Train
Download (MP3 V3)
Download (MP4 H264 312x230)

PS - If anyone has the complete performance, I will give you all the cookies you want if you share it with me!


Shiina Ringo - 1999.02.05 - Music Station

Time sure flies, and I'm not talking about Ringo's career. Is it August 18 already? Geez... Well, anyway, here is something nice for everyone, an old Music Station performance, back from 1999, some weeks after the release of the single "Koko de Kissu Shite". What's nice about this is not exactly the performance itself, but more her looks. Ringo, you were a freak back in the day! That said, I wouldn't mind if you came back just like that, with crown and girlish hair included.

01 - ここでキスして。 (Koko de Kissu Shite.)
Download (MP3 V3)
Download (MP4 H264 352x236)


Shiina Ringo - Tsugou no Ii Karada PV

Ok! Sooner than I expected, here is the full PV for "Tsugou no Ii Karada", someone kindly uploaded to YouTube.

Video was removed from YouTube.

I will update this post with a download link once I have a nice source to encode from. For now, here is the low resolution MP4 from YouTube, just because there might be other people with shitty internet access like me and can't really load up the YouTube video everytime they want to watch this amazing PV again, and again, and again...

Download (MP4 H264 480x320)


Shiina Ringo - Tsugou no Ii Karada PV (preview)

EMI has just released a preview video for the "Tsugou no Ii Karada" PV. As previously reported, the PV will be included in Seiteki Healing 4, released 26 this month. It was uploaded on YouTube and you can watch it here:

Video was removed from YouTube.

The video is directed by Kodama Yuuichi, the same person responsible for "Ryuukou", "Ariamaru Tomi", "Mellow", "OSCA", "Killer Tune" and "Senkou Shoujo". Aside from Ringo or Jihen, he also directed the 60s themed Namie Amuro "New Look" PV.

Download (WMV 320x240)

EDIT: Just noticed the island is called "Nice Body Island", at the beginning of the video. Makes sense, since the translation of "Tsugou no Ii Karada" is "A Convenient Body".


Tokyo Jihen - 2004.07.25 - Meet the World Beat 04

Haven't put Tokyo Jihen stuff up in a while, so here is something nice. Meet the World Beat, like Sweet Love Shower, is one of the many usual summer music festivals in Japan. In 2004, soon after the formation of the band, Tokyo Jihen performed in the the grass fields of the Expo '70 Commemorative Park, near Osaka. In fact, they participated in 4 different festivals that summer, this one being the smallest in terms of number of songs.
Needless to say, it's a pretty nice concert and the setlist has something for everyone's taste. I really like the "Tsumiki Asobi" arrangement, by the way.

Concert: Meet the World Beat 2004
Venue: 万国博記念公園もみじ川芝生広場 (Expo '70 Commemorative Park - Maple River Grass Area)
Date: 2004.07.25
01 - Introduction
02 - 丸の内サディスティック (Marunouchi Sadistic)
03 - 積木遊び (Tsumiki Asobi)
04 - MC 1
05 - その淑女ふしだらにつき (The Lady is a Tramp)
06 - 御祭騒ぎ (Omatsuri Sawagi)
07 - 林檎の唄 (Ringo no Uta)
08 - MC 2
09 - 群青日和 (Gunjou Biyori)
10 - MC 3
11 - ダイナマイト (Dynamite)

Download (MP3 V2)
Download (MP4 H264 512x378 Chapters)


Shiina Ringo - 1999.09.05 - Sweet Love Shower '99

Here is another concert from 1999, Sweet Love Shower '99, one month before the release of the yet-to-be super popular "Honnou". Actually, it was in this concert that Ringo first performed that song, so it's amusing to see that the audience doesn't really react to the opening lines, contrary to want happens currently (see Ringo EXPO 08). But I really like every performance in this concert. Gyakutai Glycogen is the backing band and you shouldn't miss Kameda with his amazing mohawk, playing the bass.
About the files, the audio is pretty decent quality, since we're talking about a Space Shower TV broadcast and not some audience recording. For the MP3s I picked a different source than the video, and they should present no kind of problem. As for the video, I had actually different sources for each performances, so I did my best to merge them all into one single contiguous video. You may notice changes in video quality but I think I can guarantee that nothing is missing.

Concert: Sweet Love Shower '99
Venue: 日比谷野外音楽堂 (Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall)
Date: 1999.09.05
01 - Introduction
02 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Kabukichou no Joou)
03 - 丸の内サディスティック (Marunouchi Sadistic)
04 - MC1
05 - アイデンティティ (Identity)
06 - 幸福論(悦楽編) (Koufukuron (Etsuraku-hen))
07 - MC2
08 - 本能 (Honnou)
09 - シドと白昼夢 (Sid to Hakuchuumu)
10 - リモートコントローラー (Remote Controller)
11 - Ending

Download (MP3 V0)
Download (H264 340x240 Chapters)

PS - Just wanted to point out that she doesn't perform "Kabukichou no Joou" completely, but only the opening lines.


Shiina Ringo - 2005.08.03 - LENS

LENS is a theatre play by Kentarou Kobayashi Produce (KKP), the 4th production in a number of 6 plays so far, whose Music Director was Shiina Ringo. She used "STEM~Daimyou Asobi hen~" as the theme song for the play: it's used as opening and ending song, and sometimes an instrumental version is heard playing in the background.
The play ran for 9 days in Japan, in two different theatres, during the month of July, 2004. One of those days (I'm not sure which one) was recorded for DVD, released on August 3, 2005, which is available at Amazon.co.jp and other places. What I upload here is not the film itself, but only the parts with Ringo "presence", both in video and audio. Also included is the full instrumental version of "Meisai", KZK arrangement, that plays during the DVD menu, which was a complete surprise to me since I never heard about it. The sound is slightly grainy, but that's how it is in the DVD, so it's probably intentional to make it sound like it's being played through an old gramophone.

About the story of the play, I have not watched it yet, but I think it's a detective story in a old library, where something happened and they are trying to find the culprit... That is as much informative as I can be! Well, it obviously also involves some kind of detective lens as a central piece of the story.
It also shares elements and characters with Hyaku-iro Megane, the short film. In fact, Kobayashi Kentarou is the main character of that short film and this play. He even dresses the same way and with STEM being the theme song in both cases, there's clearly some kind of connection between the two.
By the way, the plays are from July 2004, like I said, which means right between Electric Mole and "Gunjou Biyori" single, the transition between solo and band.

That said... there's really not much more information I can give for now, as there is not much english sources. After I watch the movie, I'll update this post if I find anything else worthwhile.

01 - 迷彩 (Instrumental) (Meisai)
02 - 茎(STEM)~大名遊ビ編~ (Finale) (STEM~Daimyou Asobi hen~)
03 - 茎(STEM)~大名遊ビ編~ (Instrumental)
04 - KKP Message
05 - 茎(STEM)~大名遊ビ編~ (Omake Finale)
Download (MP3 V0)

LENS - Opening Credits.mp4
LENS - Finale.mp4
LENS - Finale (omake).mp4
Download (MP4 H264 720x402 and 720x480)

PS - I used the cover of the DVD to make the cover for this. It's not that I'm lazy, but I think the cover is pretty cool. The Omake stuff means that it's from a Bonus video found after the film, that I think is from a different day.


Shiina Ringo - 1999.11.30 - Kyoei Buranko

Another bootleg, this time with a video. Kyoei Buranko was a one day performance in Club Asia, Tokyo, very soon after Manabiya Xstasy. In fact, the tracklist is very similar and the backing band is the same, Tensai Praeparat. Ringo's outfit is also the same...
The original video had audio problems in the first two songs and UFO, so I replaced those with some MP3s I got a long time ago. They are from the exact same concert and are synchronized with the original audio, so don't get worried. The only thing you'll notice is a small difference in the volume. I didn't replace the Pink Lady songs that play at the beginning and ending because it was not worth the effort, in my opinion.
As for the video quality, I suppose it was a recording from Club Asia's staff, because there's only one camera but it's stabilized on a tripod and pans smoothly. Nevertheless, the image is very dark and blurry most of the time (see the cover bellow), which is a shame. I still enjoy watching it anyway, because it's a look into the beginning of Ringo's career, before letucce hats, antler cobwebs and chic dresses were the norm in her live performances.

Concert: 虚栄ブランコ (Kyoei Buranko)
Venue: Club Asia
Date: 1999.11.30
01 - Introduction
02 - あおぞら (Aozora)
03 - Member Introduction
04 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Kabukichou no Joou)
05 - 幸福論(悦楽編) (Koufukuron (Etsuraku-hen))
06 - 果物の部屋 (Kudamono no Heya)
07 - 不幸自慢 (Fukou Jiman)
08 - MC 1
09 - 喪興瑠怒 (So Cold)
10 - メロウ (Mellow)
11 - Audience Cheering
12 - UFO
13 - MC 2
14 - Creep
15 - Ending

Download (MP3 V1)
Download (MP4 H264 352x260 Chapters)

PS - In the cover it's written Tensai Praeparat (天才プレパラート) above Kyoei Buranko (虚栄ブランコ).

Shiina Ringo - 2007.02.23 - Bokura no Ongaku 3

Two days after the release of the album Heisei Fuuzoku, Shiina Ringo was the guest of this Bokura no Ongaku episode. Interviewed by the baseball player Suzuki Ichiro, to whom she (or rather Tokyo Jihen) gave the song "Superstar" to be used as his theme in 2006, when he played for the Japan National Baseball Team. Later in 2007, she gave him "Identity" and "Yokushitsu" as theme songs for other games. Apparently he doesn't like the word Superstar that much, despite being called one all the time, and claims to skip the song when listening to the album Adult, which probably puts Ringo in a awkward position. Kameda wrote the song tho...
Anyway, the performances aren't really that amazing and she doesn't seem to put too much emotion into them. Maybe she was still shocked with Ichiro's claims!

01 - カリソメ乙女 (Karisome Otome)
02 - 錯乱 (Sakuran)
03 - ギャンブル (Gamble)
Download (MP3 128KBS CBR)
Download (MP4 H264 640x480 Chapters)

PS - Sometimes there's bleeding in the video, particulary in high contrasting areas, but it's the only source I have for now. It's not that important anyway. Also, the MP3 rips are not mine, but they have better quality than the audio from the video, that's why I prefer them.


Shiina Ringo - 2000.04.26 - Gekokujyo Xstasy (fan)

Another nice bootleg, this time from the April 26 Gekokujyo Xstasy concert at NHK Hall. GX was her first big tour around Japan, spanning 16 concerts, from April to June of 2000. What you can find on the official Gekokujyo Xstasy DVD is a mix of different performances from the tour, but this bootleg is one full concert from start to finish.
The band supporting Ringo in this time was also Gyakutai Glycogen, like in Gekikou Quantize and Zazen Xstasy.

Tour: 下剋上エクスタシー (Gekokujyo Xstasy)
Venue: NHKホール (NHK Hall)
Date: 2000.04.26
01 - Medley
02 - Audience Cheering
03 - 本能 (Honnou)
04 - 虚言症 (Kyogenshou)
05 - 積木遊び (Tsumiki Asobi)
06 - Band Introduction
07 - あおぞら (Aozora)
08 - ギブス (Gips)
09 - MC1
10 - ギャンブル (Gamble)
11 - やっつけ仕事 (Yattsuke Shigoto)
12 - 弁解ドビュッシー (Benkay Debussy)
13 - Audience Cheering
14 - ここでキスして。 (Koko de Kissu Shite)
15 - アイデンティティ (Identity)
16 - 警告 (Keikoku)
17 - Audience Cheering
18 - MC2
19 - 罪と罰 (Tsumi to Batsu)
20 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Marunouchi Sadistic)
21 - 浴室 (Yokushitsu)
22 - 依存症 (Izonshou)
23 - シドと白昼夢 (Sid to Hakuchuumu)
24 - 病床パブリック (Byoushou Public)
25 - Audience Cheering
26 - 同じ夜 (Onaji Yoru)
27 - Audience Cheering
28 - 月に負け犬 (Tsuki ni Makeinu)
29 - Audience Cheering

Download (MP3 V5)

Some of the audience tracks are very amusing, especially track 17. As for the cover, I will try to find a better font for it. It was a bit of a rushed job, because I'm going on holidays tomorrow and there's much to do. I'll be away for a week and a half.

Shiina Ringo - 2007.01.19 - Music Station

Shiina Ringo and her brother Shiina Junpei were guests in this episode of Music Station, two days after the release of the single "Kono Yo no Kagiri". This performance is only live in the vocal side, because the instruments are all pre-recorded, as is usual in Music Station. It isn't exceptionally good and worth the time, like mostly other Music Station Ringo performances. I have a theory that she does it on purpose...
Anyway, one important thing about this is that it was the first Ringo live performance I ever saw in my life. Basically I got addicted with "Kono Yo no Kagiri", the song, and then automatically grabbed this episode of M-Ste and soon afterwards bought HF and then... here I am today. So "KNYNK" has a special importance for me, because it was the song that lead me to Ringo.

01 - この世の限り (Kono Yo no Kagiri)
Download (MP3 V0)
Download (MP4 H264 704x396)

PS - Excuse me for the crappy cover, I didn't have much to work with.


Shiina Ringo - 2000.11.25 - Gekikou Quantize

This is a recording of the concert Gekikou Quantize, where Ringo performed with her backing band Gyakutai Glycogen, the same one she used in Zazen Xstasy. It was a one day concert, to mark her 22nd birthday and possibly to promote the recently released Zecchoushuu, altough she only performed one song from that CD. Overall it's very good and provides some nice covers as well.
As is normal with most bootlegs, the sound quality isn't amazing, but enough to enjoy what once was Shiina Ringo. Ironically, I advise not to put the volume very loud tho.

Concert: 激昂クヲンタイヅ (Gekikou Quantize)
Venue: 原宿アストロホール (Harajuku Astro Hall)
Date: 2000.11.25
01 - Intro
02 - 幸福論(悦楽編) (Koufukuron (Etsuraku-hen))
03 - MC1
04 - 正しい街 (Tadashii Machi)
05 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Kabukichou no Joou)
06 - モンローのテーマ (Monroe no Theme)
07 - MC2
08 - いけない子 (Ikenai Ko)
09 - 喪興瑠怒 (So Cold)
10 - アイデンティティ (Identity)
11 - 警告 (Keikoku)
12 - MC3
13 - 今夜だふ (Konya Dafu)
14 - 8823
15 - MC4
16 - 恋は盲目 (Love is Blind)

Download (MP3 V0)


Shiina Ringo - Seiteki Healing 4

It has been confirmed by Kronekodow that the 6th video in Seiteki Healing 4 will, in fact, be a credit roll video, but not with "Mittei Monogatari" as speculated: instead, "Marunouchi Sadistic (EXPO ver.)".
This means that we'll only get "Mittei Monogatari (Saturday Night Gossip ver.)" on the vinyl, unless it gets a digital release. Otherwise it will possibly become a rare "item", even tho it's not that hard to convert analog into digital these days.
But it also means I have more reasons to do that AMV I was planning, since "Mittei Monogatari" won't get an official video. Hmmmm...

Refer to this post for more information.

Shiina Ringo - 2003.03.26 - News Station

Soon after the release of Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana, Shiina Ringo performed two songs in this News Station episode. Both performances resemble anything found on Baishou Xstasy or Heisei Fuuzoku. Actually they're pretty much the same arrangements.
The stage features the famous two kimono set (black and white) that represent KZK, as well as some other kimono in the background. And I must say that Ringo was very beautiful in this point of her career.

01 - 茎(STEM) (Kuki)
02 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Kabukichou no Joou)
Download (MP3 VBR0)
Download (MP4 H264 352x264)

PS - Don't be scared by the low resolution of the video, for it's still very detailed/sharp. And I'm guessing it'll be difficult to find a bigger resolution for this one, but I could be wrong.


Shiina Ringo - SG and AT Scans

Here are the scans of my copies of Sanmon Gossip and Ariamaru Tomi that (finally) arrived yesterday. Let me tell you what a pain in the behind it was to scan these, because everything is so pale and my scanner isn't that great.

Sanmon Gossip
Download (13 JPG)

Ariamaru Tomi
Download (4 JPG)


Sadistic Gossip Wallpapers

I decided to upload some Ringo wallpapers I did. There are only two resolutions available, but hopefully you will be able to adjust one or the other to your own display resolution.

1280x1024 on the left and 1280x800 on the right.

I made them mostly with scans provided by my friend papi (thank you!). Oh, and I'm currently using the second one because it's always nice to see Ringo put (or take?) some panties.

PS: I noticed the colors are a bit off for some of these wallpapers, when viewed in another monitor. They are very saturated in the monitor I'm using now. Well, that's normal, every monitor has different color settings. But you can always use Photoshop or something to control the levels and colors. Just thought I should mention this.

Tokyo Jihen - 2007.09.21 - Bokura no Ongaku 4

Just a few days before the release of Variety, Tokyo Jihen were the guests of this Bokura no Ongaku episode. Besides 3 performances, Shiina Ringo had a conversation/interview with comedian Takada Junji.
I was trying to pay attention to what they were talking about, to find out any connections between Ringo and Junji, but it's not that easy. All I know is that one of Junji's nicknames is "TJ", he performs on "variety" shows and he is called "an irresponsible man in the Heisei era" (according to wikipedia). Other than that, I'm preety clueless.
But I love how they stage the whole meeting between the two guests in the Bokura no Ongaku shows, and Ringo doesn't manage to be very credible at pretending she was totally not expecting Takada Junji to come in. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be funny or serious, but I do laugh with that.

01 - ギブス (Gips)
02 - 透明人間 (Toumei Ningen)
03 - キラーチューン (Killer Tune)
Download (MP3 VBR0)
Download (MP4 H264 720x400 Chapters)


Shiina Ringo - 2006.12.08 - Music Station

In this Music Station episode, back in 2006, Shiina Ringo performed the song "Karisome Otome (DEATH JAZZ ver.)" with Soil&"Pimp"Sessions, that is now included in her latest album Sanmon Gossip.

01 - カリソメ乙女 (DEATH JAZZ ver.) (Karisome Otome)
Download (MP3 VBR5)
Download (MP4 H264 1280x720)


Shiina Ringo - 2008.07.06 - JAPAN COUNTDOWN

I was browsing through some old files that are in my brother's computer, and I found one episode of JAPAN COUNTDOWN that featured Shiina Ringo, so I figured I might as well post it here. I cut the parts where Ringo appeared and merged them into one video file.

Download (MP4 H264 640x480)

Anyway, not very interesting stuff, it was just promotion to Watashi no Hatsuden/to Houden, some days after they were released. It features the CM for both of them, which is actually the coolest part in my opinion, ahah. The video is 2 and a half minutes long.


Sadistic Gossip Master List

I'm compiling a list of all Shiina Ringo related media that I know of. I've placed a link for it on the sidebar, so that way everyone can keep updated on what's going to be released and also what has already been released. I'm aware that it's going to be a huge list because this girl really knows how to please her fans (or does she...!), but I'm in no rush to complete it. My main concern is the future releases and in the free time I'll keep "updating" with old stuff.

Besides being extremely useful for myself, I hope the list is also useful to you!

Shiina Ringo - Sanmon Gossip Official Score Book

Rittor Music, the publishing company in charge of the official score books for Shiina Ringo and Tokyo Jihen albums, has announced the release date for the Sanmon Gossip score book.

Release Date: August 7, 2009
Price: 2800¥ ($30)
Format: B5 (208 pages)
ISBN-10: 4845617137
ISBN-13: 978-4845617135
Extra: First Edition comes with Bonus Stickers

It will include the scores for the complete album, but it seems the single "Ariamaru Tomi" and "SG~Superficial Gossip~" will be left out.
You can pre-order it at Amazon Japan here.

Source: Rittor Music