Tokyo Jihen - 2007.09.21 - Bokura no Ongaku 4

Just a few days before the release of Variety, Tokyo Jihen were the guests of this Bokura no Ongaku episode. Besides 3 performances, Shiina Ringo had a conversation/interview with comedian Takada Junji.
I was trying to pay attention to what they were talking about, to find out any connections between Ringo and Junji, but it's not that easy. All I know is that one of Junji's nicknames is "TJ", he performs on "variety" shows and he is called "an irresponsible man in the Heisei era" (according to wikipedia). Other than that, I'm preety clueless.
But I love how they stage the whole meeting between the two guests in the Bokura no Ongaku shows, and Ringo doesn't manage to be very credible at pretending she was totally not expecting Takada Junji to come in. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be funny or serious, but I do laugh with that.

01 - ギブス (Gips)
02 - 透明人間 (Toumei Ningen)
03 - キラーチューン (Killer Tune)
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