Tokyo Jihen - Noudouteki Sanpunkan PV

Hey there folks! It's finally here, Tokyo Jihen's new song/PV! As you remember from my last post, the song is called "Noudouteki Sanpunkan" (pretty unpronounceable, I know) or just "3min", the official english translation. The song's duration is 3 minutes by the way (surprise!).

Video was removed from YouTube.

Anyway, I wasn't very excited about these Tokyo Jihen news, but the song is unexpectedly good. Maybe it's really just because I was expecting something bad, who knows. I do think the video is pretty good if not one of their best videos yet and altough the Michael Jackson references first seem out of place, let's not forget the funky groove and well, the fact that it could be a tribute to the deceased artist.
Still, I think the best approach to this is to just continue unhyped and hopefully get a decent B-Side and then an enjoyable album. The Adultish sound of this new song could also tell us something about the album, unless it's titled Variety 2. Remember how "OSCA" didn't tell us anything about the final sound of Variety? Exactly.

Thanks to all of my friends who linked me the video :)


  1. The PV is just perfect, IMO! Totally love it. It has lots of hidden messages, I guess... And oh, the song is really Adult-like but with a funky/groovy vibe. I'm really liking it ^^.

  2. Excellent new PV, bodes very well for the future of Tokyo Jihen after the 'catastrophe' of Variety ToT

  3. Great new song and PV. My favorite era is Adult, so I couldn't be more happy. Also, since I love Michael Jackson too, I really enjoyed this tribute to him! Waiting for the translation now from somewhere. =)

  4. digging the song...

    she just looks BUSTED!
    ugh that hairrrrrr


  5. I love the feel of this new release! I'm soo excited to hear new stuff from Tokyo Jihen, any news on when/if a full album will be released?