Shiina Ringo - 1999.11.30 - Kyoei Buranko

Another bootleg, this time with a video. Kyoei Buranko was a one day performance in Club Asia, Tokyo, very soon after Manabiya Xstasy. In fact, the tracklist is very similar and the backing band is the same, Tensai Praeparat. Ringo's outfit is also the same...
The original video had audio problems in the first two songs and UFO, so I replaced those with some MP3s I got a long time ago. They are from the exact same concert and are synchronized with the original audio, so don't get worried. The only thing you'll notice is a small difference in the volume. I didn't replace the Pink Lady songs that play at the beginning and ending because it was not worth the effort, in my opinion.
As for the video quality, I suppose it was a recording from Club Asia's staff, because there's only one camera but it's stabilized on a tripod and pans smoothly. Nevertheless, the image is very dark and blurry most of the time (see the cover bellow), which is a shame. I still enjoy watching it anyway, because it's a look into the beginning of Ringo's career, before letucce hats, antler cobwebs and chic dresses were the norm in her live performances.

Concert: 虚栄ブランコ (Kyoei Buranko)
Venue: Club Asia
Date: 1999.11.30
01 - Introduction
02 - あおぞら (Aozora)
03 - Member Introduction
04 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Kabukichou no Joou)
05 - 幸福論(悦楽編) (Koufukuron (Etsuraku-hen))
06 - 果物の部屋 (Kudamono no Heya)
07 - 不幸自慢 (Fukou Jiman)
08 - MC 1
09 - 喪興瑠怒 (So Cold)
10 - メロウ (Mellow)
11 - Audience Cheering
12 - UFO
13 - MC 2
14 - Creep
15 - Ending

Download (MP3 V1)
Download (MP4 H264 352x260 Chapters)

PS - In the cover it's written Tensai Praeparat (天才プレパラート) above Kyoei Buranko (虚栄ブランコ).


  1. That's amazing!
    Thank you very much!

  2. I love this concert and watch it at least once every two weeks :) I wish they/she would release it proper with a decent resolution too :( mines is slightly bigger but still looks like shit :P

  3. thanks for this! I didn't even realize this had video to go along with the audio.

  4. Hi could you please so kind as to re-upload this =)