Yet Another New Tokyo Jihen Song

After "Tengoku he Youkoso", Tokyo Jihen are putting out another song called "Dopamint!". Like the dorama-coupled song, this one is going to be coupled with the new ads for Watering KissMint, like "Kachii Ikusa" and "Noudouteki Sanpunkan" before.

You can watch both 15sec and 30sec ads in Kronekodow's or Tokyo Jihen's official website.

I wonder if there's going to be a new album soon, or just some kind of EP.


Tengoku he Youkoso on YouTube

A friend gave me this link for "Tengoku he Yokukoso" on YouTube. One can only guess when it will get deleted.

Video was removed from YouTube.


Shiina Ringo and Tokyo Jihen Scans

Hi there. Let me tell you something: scanning is a big pain in the behind. But I haven't done any since Sanmon Gossip, so here's a bunch of new ones.
None of the scans are really big quality, but I put my head and my heart into doing them (lol). The main purpose is just for everyone to check out what the booklets look like, not to print them and sell bootlegs, seriously guys.

Gekokujyou Xstasy
Download (5 PNGs)

Hatsuiku Status
Download (5 PNGs)

Ringo EXPO 08
Download (5 PNGs)

Download (15 PNGs)

Zazen Xstasy
Download (11 PNGs)