Shiina Ringo - 1999.02.05 - Music Station

Time sure flies, and I'm not talking about Ringo's career. Is it August 18 already? Geez... Well, anyway, here is something nice for everyone, an old Music Station performance, back from 1999, some weeks after the release of the single "Koko de Kissu Shite". What's nice about this is not exactly the performance itself, but more her looks. Ringo, you were a freak back in the day! That said, I wouldn't mind if you came back just like that, with crown and girlish hair included.

01 - ここでキスして。 (Koko de Kissu Shite.)
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  1. Sorry to dig up an old post, but I've been looking everywhere for this video and I just can't seem to find it!

    Could you reupload it please?

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  2. I'm so so sorry,but Can i ask once again to upload?
    I've been looking for this video, but i couldn't find it..