Shiina Ringo - 1995.05.14 - Teen's Music Festival '95

Here's a really old one, from 1995. To be more exact, this isn't solo Ringo per se, but instead her pre-debut band Marvelous Marble, that was composed of the following members:

Vocal: 椎名裕美子 (Shiina Yumiko)
Guitar: 津田由貴子 (Tsuda Yukiko)
Bass: 中川愛 (Nakagawa Ai)
Keys: 末永いずみ (Suenaga Izumi)
Drums: 時津梨乃 (Tokitsu Rino; Drummer of Roletta Secohan during 1998-2008)

They participated in the 9th edition of Yamaha's Teen's Music Festival, with hopes of getting the grand prize. At the end, they only got an Encouragement Award (奨励賞), in the Earnest Award (ひたむき賞) category. The grand prize went to singer aiko.
The song they chose to perform, "Just Missed the Train", is actually a cover of the original version by Trine Rein (1993), and not by Dannielle Brisebois (1994) like the video says, because the lines Ringo sings at the end of the video are only found on Trine Rein's version. That said, I think any of those versions of the song are pretty good and Ringo's is too. The sad part is there's no recording of the complete performance, at least that I know of, so we only get a 1:22 clip... Well, better than nothing! Here it is.

01 - Just Missed the Train
Download (MP3 V3)
Download (MP4 H264 312x230)

PS - If anyone has the complete performance, I will give you all the cookies you want if you share it with me!


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