Shiina Ringo - 2000.07.30 - Zazen Xstasy

I consider Zazen Xstasy to be one of Ringo's most important concerts ever. It was a one night show, only available to a restricted number of fans, and with a setlist composed of tons of B-Sides, instead of the cliché songs. Some of them had interesting new arrangements and overall the performances were great. Also, it was the first and only Ringo concert to be broadcast live through the internet, with the choppy video/audio quality of the year 2000. And someone ripped it.
For some time, that rip and other audience recordings where the only way for anyone to experience the greatness of this concert. However, as everyone knows, we got lucky and in 2008 EMI released a great quality DVD with the full concert... Or was it? Not really! For some reason they decided to cut one of the songs, "Haikei EMI-dono", which is a cover of Sex Pistols' "EMI".

So what I've got here is the rip of the web streaming of the concert, which contains MC parts excluded from the DVD and also the Sex Pistols cover. But as you can guess, the audio quality is pretty crappy (and from what I saw of the video, that one is crappy too), so fortunately I also got hold of a audience recording bootleg of the "Haikei EMI-dono" song which sounds so much better.

I think the better option here is to keep the web rip because of the MCs (unless you don't care about those things) and then put "Haikei EMI-dono" along with the DVD rips of Zazen Xstasy (which I don't provide), in the order I will show bellow.

Tour: 座禅エクスタシー (Zazen Xstasy)
Venue: 嘉穂劇場 (Kaho Theatre)
Date: 2000.07.30
01 - 時が暴走する (Toki ga Busou Suru)
02 - 積木遊び (Tsumiki Asobi)
03 - 眩暈 (Memai)
04 - 少女ロボット (Shoujo Robot)
05 - リモートコントローラー (Remote Controller)
06 - MC1
07 - 茜さす帰路照らされど… (Akane-sasu Kiro Terasaredo…)
08 - 拝啓EMI殿 (Haikei EMI-dono)
09 - アイデンティティ (Identity)
10 - 病床パブリック (Byoushou Public)
11 - アンコンディショナル・ラブ (Unconditional Love)
12 - MC2
13 - サカナ (Sakana)
14 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Kabukichou no Joou)
15 - 弁解ドビュッシー (Benkai Debussy)
16 - 浴室 (Yokushitsu)
17 - マイラグジュアリーナイト (My Luxury Night)
18 - シドと白昼夢 (Sid to Hakuchuumu)
19 - ストイシズム (Stoicism)

Download (MP3 v5)

You might be wondering why there is no "Nihon ni Umarete", and that's because it wasn't broadcasted in the web streaming.
Anyway, here is the "Haikei EMI-dono" from the audience recording bootleg, which sounds very good.

Download (MP3 160CBR)

PS - Starting this Saturday I'm going to be internetless during a month (maybe), so this is probably my last post till then. See ya!

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