Sadistic Gossip Wallpapers

I decided to upload some Ringo wallpapers I did. There are only two resolutions available, but hopefully you will be able to adjust one or the other to your own display resolution.

1280x1024 on the left and 1280x800 on the right.

I made them mostly with scans provided by my friend papi (thank you!). Oh, and I'm currently using the second one because it's always nice to see Ringo put (or take?) some panties.

PS: I noticed the colors are a bit off for some of these wallpapers, when viewed in another monitor. They are very saturated in the monitor I'm using now. Well, that's normal, every monitor has different color settings. But you can always use Photoshop or something to control the levels and colors. Just thought I should mention this.


  1. It would be nice if you upload some scans here. =D
    The wallpapers are very nice.

  2. Cool! Taking the panties one~

  3. I'm grabbing few of these, thanks so much, they're pretty!