Shiina Ringo Arena Tour 2014 announced!

So the rumours were true after all, Ringo will indeed pursue a big arena tour this year. Although it's untitled so far, priority access to tickets is included with every purchase of Gyakuyunyuu and all 5 dates have been fixed.

Shiina Ringo Arena Tour 2014
November 29, Saturday - Saitama Super Arena
November 30, Sunday - Saitama Super Arena
December 9, Tuesday - Osaka Jou Hall
December 10, Wednesday - Osaka Jou Hall
December 21, Sunday - Marine Messe Fukuoka

More details about this new tour will be posted in Kronekodow next month.


Sheena Ringo "Chottoshita Reko Hatsu 2014" - Setlists

Here are the set-lists for each day of the new (and short) Shiina Ringo tour: ちょっとしたレコ発2014 (Chottoshita Reko Hatsu 2014). The first two days happen in Yokohama and the last two in Osaka. Please refer to this post for more information.

It should be known that there are rumours about a new big arena tour this year, in November and December. I'll try to report about it once it gets clearer...