Ringo will provide the NHK theme song for Soccer World Cup 2014

Big news everyone! Even tho we're still anxiously waiting for the release of Reimport, Shiina Ringo thinks ain't nobody got time for that! After showing her passion for sports, our diva queen was offered the task to create NHK's theme song for the Soccer World Cup 2014, that will happen in Brazil. What this means is that every program related to that matter will feature Ringo's song, throughout the NHK TV channels. Much better than hearing the vuvuzelas non-stop, don't you think?

Ringo will surely make an impact in
the World Cup results, looking as gorgeous as this.

So far, the title of the song is still a mystery and it's also unknown if there will be a retail release or if it's digital-only (some rumours point out for a retail release actually...). But what we do know is that the first preview of the song will appear in a May 12 segment of a program called "生中継 ワールドカップ日本代表 発表", which will cover the different types of promotion created to support the japanese soccer team in the World Cup. After that and througout June, Ringo's music will be part of the daily NHK broadcasts.

Source: Oricon

UPDATE: The single will indeed have a physical release, scheduled for June 11!


Another Ringo penned song in Sayuri Ishikawa's new album!

The new Sayuri Ishikawa album will be released later this month (April 23) and news about its full tracklist have surfaced. There will be 3 Ringo penned songs in it!
Besides 暗夜の心中立て and 名うての泥棒猫, a third song is going to be part of the album. 最果てが見たい will have lyrics and music by Shiina Ringo herself, while the arrangement will be done by Hayashi Masaki, the pianist from the Toutaikai shows.
As a side note, the artwork found in the album's cover and booklet is by Yoshitaka Amano (known for his Final Fantasy illustrations).

Title: X -Cross II-
Release Date: 23/04/2014

01 - 暗夜の心中立て X 椎名林檎 (Anya no Shinjuudate)
Lyrics/Music: Shiina Ringo; Arranger: Saitou Neko
02 - 永久にFOREVER X 御徒町凧・森山直太朗
Lyrics: Okachimachi Kaito; Music: Moriyama Naotaro; Arranger: Kurata Nobuo
03 - 雨のブルース X 奥田民生
Lyrics/Music: Okuda Tamio; Arranger: Mori Toshiyuki
04 - Ra.n.se X TAKURO(GLAY)・Marty Friedman
Lyrics/Music: TAKURO; Arranger: Marty Friedman
05 - 空を見上げる時 X 御徒町凧・森山直太朗
Lyrics:Okachimachi Kaito; Music: Moriyama Naotaro; Arranger: Kurata Nobuo
06 - 千年逃亡 X TAKURO(GLAY)・Marty Friedman
Lyrics/Music: TAKURO; Arranger: Marty Friedman
07 - こころの色 X 樋口了一
Lyrics/Music: Higuchi Ryouichi; Arranger: Mori Toshiyuki
08 - 名うての泥棒猫 X 椎名林檎 (Naute no Dorobou Neko)
Lyrics/Music: Shiina Ringo; Arranger: Saitou Neko
09 - 最果てが見たい X 椎名林檎 (Saihate ga Mitai)
Lyrics/Music: Shiina Ringo; Arranger: Hayashi Masaki

Let's hope all three songs are performed in this week episode of NHK SONGS, April 12.

EDIT: Previews for every song are available on iTunes Japan already. Thanks for the heads-up deadgrandma!


Gyakuyunyuu will be broadcast by WOWOW

Satelitte channel WOWOW announced today two new programs for the May schedule, part of the Gyakuyunyuu promotion. One is a special program concerning the self-covers album (free broadcast!) and the other is none other than a direct-feed broadcast of the May 27th show in Yokohama (payed broadcast!).

The news by Rockin'On don't mention if the whole concert will be broadcast or just a portion, so I'm going to take a guess and say all of it.
Here are the full details.

May 25th
Timeslot: 4:45 PM
Title: 生中継直前!椎名林檎 WOWOW特別番組 ~セルフカバーアルバム「逆輸入」の件~
English: Just before the live broadcast! A Shiina Ringo special program by WOWOW concerning the ~Self-Covers Album Reimport~

May 27th
Timeslot: 7:00 PM
Title: 生中継! 椎名林檎 思い付きライブ ちょっとしたレコ発2014 ~横浜港へ逆輸入~

Please be excited!

Update: WOWOW's special page for these programs was created. See it here.


Shiina Ringo will produce a new band!

There's a major Ringohan update today!

It seems Shiina Ringo is going to produce a new girl band, called Rin Rin, two of her clones she kept locked in a cage for years. Their first single, "畜生Wi-Fi" (Chikushou Wi-Fi) will go on sale tomorrow as a digital-exclusive release. Here is the cover!

Title: 畜生Wi-Fi (Chikushou Wi-Fi)
Release Date: 2014.04.02
01 - 畜生Wi-Fi feat. きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ(Chikushou Wi-Fi)
02 - 人違い (Hitochigai)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be featured in the lead song, with her cute robot vocals auto-tuned by Yasutaka Nakata himself. It's a cute song about not having Wi-Fi signal when you really want to go watch Kyary videos on YouTube, but with a twist. Listen to a preview of the song here!
"Hitochigai", the B-Side will feature Saitou Neko as back vocals and talks about that moment when you tell everyone you're not someone who you obviously are. Also with a twist at the end.
Both songs will be arranged by Saitou Neko himself!

Last but not least, Rin Rin will go on a nationwide tour (including Budokan and Saitama Super Arena) starting next month! They will perform covers of old Ringo songs along with the debut single and B-Side.

Ringo stated in an interview that she will focus entirely in this new project from now on. She also said there won't be a second KZK and that she thought people would have realize that by now.