Shiina Ringo - 1999.08.12 - Tamentai Telepathy

Tamentai Telepathy, or 多面体テレパシー (meaning Polyhedron Telepathy), is another Space Shower TV special program about Shiina Ringo. First broadcasted two months before the release of the "Honnou" single, it's a hour long interview with Ringo, mostly shot in b/w. There are some clips of her PVs and other kinds of footage, but it's mostly b/w. The highlight of this whole interview is that Ringo has a realistic (toy) gun with her and at some points waves her carelessly around. Reminds me of her "Yokushitsu" performance at Ringo EXPO 08.
Anyway, like any other Ringo interview, it's a bit useless without an english translation, something I would like to provide but can't. Maybe one day...

Download (MP4 H264 352x262)

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