Shiina Ringo and Tokyo Jihen CMs

The recently "released" new songs are being used as tie-ins with two major ad campaigns, having started this month. "Sora ga Natteiru" works as the theme song for the new Glico Watering KissMint promotional campaign, while "Onna no Ko wa Daredemo" is coupled with Shiseido Maquillage.

However, despite being Tokyo Jihen songs, only Ringo appears in the actual CMs. What's more, even the songs are not the Tokyo Jihen versions, but different ones, due to the Hata Toshiki incident/scandal, something that certainly made both Glico and Shiseido demand a Ringo-only version of the songs.
Fortunately, Glico uploaded the normal versions before any incident happened, so I got those too. Here's the list of what's in this ZIP file.

Watering KissMint CMs:
- Shiina Ringo (Sora ga Natteiru -Shinkai-hen-) 15 and 30 seconds
- Tokyo Jihen (Sora ga Natteiru) 15 and 30 seconds

Shiseido Maquillage CMs:
- Shiina Ringo (Onna no Ko wa Daredemo -Sugao-hen-) 15 and 30 seconds + Making Of

Download (MP4 H264)


Shiina Ringo - 2009.05.02 - Kame no Ongaeshi

It seems Hata Toshiki's recent "incident" with the authorities gave us the need for something else to listen to, while waiting for the unknown-to-be-released next Tokyo Jihen single and TV performances.

So here's the whole Ringo performance at Kame no Ongaeshi, Kameda Seiji's own show, which was a 2 days event where a bunch of artists he produced made live performances. As far as I know, there was supposed to be a DVD release for this, but the project was probably scrapped. So who knows? Ken Hirai duets with Ringo in "put your camera down", by the way.

For now, there's only bootlegs, and this one seems to have the highest quality and was provided to me by Yahiko.

Festival: 亀の恩返し (Kame no Ongaeshi)
Venue: 日本武道館 (Nippon Budokan)
Date: 2009.05.02
01 - 茜さす 帰路照らされど… (Akane Sasu Kiro Terasaredo)
02 - more
03 - ギブス (Gips)
04 - put your camera down
05 - 閃光少女
06 - MC
07 - 丸の内サディスティック (Marunouchi Sadistic)

Download (MP3 Various Bitrates)


Tokyo Jihen - 2006.07.02 - Society of the Citizens Vol.1

What better way to wait for Jihen's soon-to-be-released new single, than to listen to one of the greatest performances the band has ever given? That's what I bring to you!

This is one of the most sought-after Tokyo Jihen bootlegs ever, and someone over at KMC was kind enough to (finally) share it with all us westerners. The audio quality of the original files is fine, but I had to tweak the channels a bit to actually put it in great condition, in my honest opinion. The original files had the band playing in the left channel and the audience clapping in the right channel, so I tried to center everything, without really losing the stereo.

Hata Toshiki was absent from this performance due to an arm injury back then, so Yasuo Sano (佐野康夫) played that part. Some members from ZAZEN BOYS also performed along with the band in "Mirror Ball" and "Service". Ringo sang two duets with them, during their own concert at this festival, but I don't have those.

Just enjoy this amazing concert. And here's hoping that I update this blog more often...

Venue: 日比谷野外音楽堂 (Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall)
Date: 2006.07.02

01 - Beginning
02 - 御祭騒ぎ (Omatsuri Sawagi)
03 - 少女ロボット (Shoujo Robot)
04 - 歌舞伎 (Kabuki)
05 - MC1
06 - 茎 (Kuki)
07 - ゴング (Gong)
08 - ミラーボール (Mirror Ball)
09 - サービス (Service)
10 - 喧嘩上等 (Kenka Joutou)
11 - MC2
12 - 秘密 (Himitsu)
13 - MC3
14 - 映日紅の花 (Ichijiku no Hana)

Download (MP3 V1)

PS - Both "Gong" and "Mirror Ball" are covers of Petrolz songs, Ukigumo's band. Only "Mirror Ball" ended in a Tokyo Jihen album tho.