Ringo was invited to Nakamura Kenzaburou XVIII's NHK Memorial TV Program

Because of their close friendship, Shiina Ringo shared some words about Nakamura Kenzaburou XVIII's, at a NHK-G special memorial program about the kabuki player's life who died last week. Nakamura Kenzaburou was responsible for the "Sannin Kichisa" play, for which Ringo wrote the song "Tamatebako".

Her part on the memorial program was very brief, but I took some snapshots either way because it's the most recent pictures we see of her. I'd say she seems pretty fit for a KZK 2, don't you think?

Tokyo Jihen "returns" in February...

Tokyo Jihen, or should I say EMI, are returning this coming February, or at least two new releases are, according to Kronekodow. Yet another best DVD and another best CD collection, both released February 27th, 2013.
Although this time expect it to suck your wallet dry.

Hard Disk
Complete CD-Box (21.000Y, around $255)
- All 5 albums
- color bars
- Shinyawaku
- Special 9 track CD with songs that didn't make it to CD format yet and also unreleased tracks

Includes a hard-cover 52 page Photobook, 4GB Tokyo Jihen USB with photos and an instrumental version of "Service" called "Kaomisen Hen", which means something like Debut Chapter (wth?). Apparently the size of this thing will be the same as a analog record, according to my crappy translation.
First-Press Edition will come in a hard-cover book format.

Golden Time
DVD/BR (3.400Y / 4.100Y)
PV Collection:
- Gunjou Biyori
- Sounan
- Shuraba
- Killer Tune
- Noudouteki Sanpunkan
- Sora ga Natteiru
- Onna no Ko wa Daredemo
- Atarashii Bunmeikaika
- Konya wa Karasawagi (New Edit)
- Tadanaranu Kankei (New Edit)
- Senkou Shoujo (New Edit)

Comes with a special booklet concering the PVs and the first-press edition will have a plastic sleeve case.