Another Ringo penned song in Sayuri Ishikawa's new album!

The new Sayuri Ishikawa album will be released later this month (April 23) and news about its full tracklist have surfaced. There will be 3 Ringo penned songs in it!
Besides 暗夜の心中立て and 名うての泥棒猫, a third song is going to be part of the album. 最果てが見たい will have lyrics and music by Shiina Ringo herself, while the arrangement will be done by Hayashi Masaki, the pianist from the Toutaikai shows.
As a side note, the artwork found in the album's cover and booklet is by Yoshitaka Amano (known for his Final Fantasy illustrations).

Title: X -Cross II-
Release Date: 23/04/2014

01 - 暗夜の心中立て X 椎名林檎 (Anya no Shinjuudate)
Lyrics/Music: Shiina Ringo; Arranger: Saitou Neko
02 - 永久にFOREVER X 御徒町凧・森山直太朗
Lyrics: Okachimachi Kaito; Music: Moriyama Naotaro; Arranger: Kurata Nobuo
03 - 雨のブルース X 奥田民生
Lyrics/Music: Okuda Tamio; Arranger: Mori Toshiyuki
04 - Ra.n.se X TAKURO(GLAY)・Marty Friedman
Lyrics/Music: TAKURO; Arranger: Marty Friedman
05 - 空を見上げる時 X 御徒町凧・森山直太朗
Lyrics:Okachimachi Kaito; Music: Moriyama Naotaro; Arranger: Kurata Nobuo
06 - 千年逃亡 X TAKURO(GLAY)・Marty Friedman
Lyrics/Music: TAKURO; Arranger: Marty Friedman
07 - こころの色 X 樋口了一
Lyrics/Music: Higuchi Ryouichi; Arranger: Mori Toshiyuki
08 - 名うての泥棒猫 X 椎名林檎 (Naute no Dorobou Neko)
Lyrics/Music: Shiina Ringo; Arranger: Saitou Neko
09 - 最果てが見たい X 椎名林檎 (Saihate ga Mitai)
Lyrics/Music: Shiina Ringo; Arranger: Hayashi Masaki

Let's hope all three songs are performed in this week episode of NHK SONGS, April 12.

EDIT: Previews for every song are available on iTunes Japan already. Thanks for the heads-up deadgrandma!


Gyakuyunyuu will be broadcast by WOWOW

Satelitte channel WOWOW announced today two new programs for the May schedule, part of the Gyakuyunyuu promotion. One is a special program concerning the self-covers album (free broadcast!) and the other is none other than a direct-feed broadcast of the May 27th show in Yokohama (payed broadcast!).

The news by Rockin'On don't mention if the whole concert will be broadcast or just a portion, so I'm going to take a guess and say all of it.
Here are the full details.

May 25th
Timeslot: 4:45 PM
Title: 生中継直前!椎名林檎 WOWOW特別番組 ~セルフカバーアルバム「逆輸入」の件~
English: Just before the live broadcast! A Shiina Ringo special program by WOWOW concerning the ~Self-Covers Album Reimport~

May 27th
Timeslot: 7:00 PM
Title: 生中継! 椎名林檎 思い付きライブ ちょっとしたレコ発2014 ~横浜港へ逆輸入~

Please be excited!

Update: WOWOW's special page for these programs was created. See it here.


Shiina Ringo will produce a new band!

There's a major Ringohan update today!

It seems Shiina Ringo is going to produce a new girl band, called Rin Rin, two of her clones she kept locked in a cage for years. Their first single, "畜生Wi-Fi" (Chikushou Wi-Fi) will go on sale tomorrow as a digital-exclusive release. Here is the cover!

Title: 畜生Wi-Fi (Chikushou Wi-Fi)
Release Date: 2014.04.02
01 - 畜生Wi-Fi feat. きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ(Chikushou Wi-Fi)
02 - 人違い (Hitochigai)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be featured in the lead song, with her cute robot vocals auto-tuned by Yasutaka Nakata himself. It's a cute song about not having Wi-Fi signal when you really want to go watch Kyary videos on YouTube, but with a twist. Listen to a preview of the song here!
"Hitochigai", the B-Side will feature Saitou Neko as back vocals and talks about that moment when you tell everyone you're not someone who you obviously are. Also with a twist at the end.
Both songs will be arranged by Saitou Neko himself!

Last but not least, Rin Rin will go on a nationwide tour (including Budokan and Saitama Super Arena) starting next month! They will perform covers of old Ringo songs along with the debut single and B-Side.

Ringo stated in an interview that she will focus entirely in this new project from now on. She also said there won't be a second KZK and that she thought people would have realize that by now.


New Tour and New Album for Shiina Ringo!

Disclaimer: It's not exactly a new SOLO album, it's a self-covers album!

Ok, now that your hearts are less excited because of the post title, let's see what Ringohan brought us today. Very soon, Shiina Ringo will be live touring again and will release her first (and much begged) self-covers album. Themed around importation and exportation, these activities will mainly concern the songs she wrote for other artists throughout her career. Different producers will provide unique arrangements to the songs, in what will certainly be similar to a "Utaite Miyori" 2 experience (but with more than 2 producers this time). Who else was expecting a self-covers album?

If you track "KKTU 7327385" in the K-Line website,
you can see the recent life of that red cargo next to Ringo.
Arrived January 27, left March 7.

Without further ado, here's all the information!

Title: 逆輸入 ~港湾局~ (Gyakuyunyuu ~Kouwankyoku~)
Translation: Reimport ~Port and Harbor Authority~
Release Date: 27/05/2014
Limited Edition: TYCT-69017 (Y3.780)
Cardboard case with hardcover booklet (like Ukina/Mitsugetsushou) + B2 Poster
Regular Edition: TYCT-60035 (Y3.240)

01 - プライベイト(Private)
By: Hirosue Ryoko (07/10/1998)
Arranged by: Ken'ichi Maeyamada (Momoiro Clover, AKB48, SMAP, etc)
02 - カプチーノ(Cappucino)
By: Tomosaka Rie (27/01/1999)
Arranged by: Takeshi Kobayashi (Lily Chou-Chou, etc)
03 - 雨傘 (Amagasa)
By: TOKIO (03/09/2008)
Arranged by: Takamune Negishi (Cocco, Quruli, Mika Nakashima, etc)
04 - 渦中の男 (Kachuu no Otoko)
By: TOKIO (03/09/2008)
Arranged by: Takeshi Ueda (The Mad Capsule Markets, etc)
05 - 日和姫 (Hiyori Hime)
By: PUFFY (25/02/2009)
Arranged by: Tooru Hidaka (Beat Crusaders, etc)
06 - 主演の女 (Shuen no Onna)
By: PUFFY (17/06/2009)
Arranged by: Yoshihide Ootomo (Ground Zero, Kahimi Karie, etc)
07 - 決定的三分間 (Keitteiteki Sanpunkan)
By: Chiaki Kuriyama (02/03/2011)
Arranged by: Nobuhiko Nakayama (Shouso Strip, Sanmon Gossip, etc)
08 - 青春の瞬き (Seishun no Matataki)
By: Chiaki Kuriyama (23/11/2011)
Arranged by: Tomita Lab
09 - 真夏の脱獄者 (Manatsu no Datsugokusha)
By: SMAP (08/08/2012)
Arranged by: Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso, Boa, Crystal Kay, Namie Amuro, pretty much anything Avex)
10 - 幸先坂 (Saisakizaka)
By: Youko Maki (27/05/2013)
Arranged by: Yoshiaki Sato (accordionist in Toutaikai and Hantaikai)
11 - 望遠鏡の外の景色 (Bouenkyou no Soto no Keshiki)
By: Noda Igeki (06/09/2012)
Arranged by: Youichi Murata (Pizzicato Five, Southern All-Stars, SMAP, TOKIO, etc)

Shiina Ringo
Chottoshita Reko Hatsu 2014
~Yokohama Kou he Gyakuyunyuu~
Dates: 26/05/2014 and 27/05/2014
Venue: 横浜大さん橋ホールは (Yokohama Daisan Hashi Hall)
Doors Open: 06:15PM
Start: 19:00PM

Shiina Ringo
Chottoshita Reko Hatsu 2014
~Oosaka Kou he Gyakuyunyuu~
Dates: 05/06/2014 and 06/06/2014
Venue: Sankei Hall Breeze (Osaka)
Doors Open: 06:15PM
Start: 19:00PM

Tickets for the shows will be on sale through Ringohan, as usual.

Credits to Yahiko and Chris for helping me put this together. You guys rock!


Sheena Ringo 15th Anniversary "Toutaikai" - Translations

Here are some translations from the Toutaikai shows, mainly what Ringo said in some of the MCs and the voice-over tracks of the "The Truth About the Rumours Corners".

All of these were found in the 2ch Shiina Ringo board and are rough translations done by me and Yahiko. I'll put the original text too, of course.


Sheena Ringo 15th Anniversary "Toutaikai" - Setlists

Another concert tour, another setlists post. This time I'll try to gather the setlists for each of the 5 days of the 党大会 (Toutaikai) shows and also of the 2 班大会 (Hantaikai) shows.

The Hantaikai shows are limited to Ringohan members and the last one will be live broadcast at a large number of cinemas, so it's likely that's the day we'll get on the future DVD/BR release.
The Toutaikai shows will all happen at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall, and the Hantaikai shows will happen at the Hamarikyu Asahi Hall. Also, every concert will open doors at 6PM and start at 7PM.


"IT WAS YOU" and "Netsuai Hakkakuchu" both get a PV

Most of you should be aware of this, considering the 1 million views the Yasutaka Nakata collab-song already has, but in case you weren't, I'll just leave this here.

PS - Let's hope for another million in 2 days.

EDIT: Full version of "Netsuai Hakkakuchu" was uploaded too.


Ringo 15th Anniversary Releases

There's a lot of excitement building up with the approach of Ringo's 15th anniversary in the music industry. A little bit like what happened during the 10th anniversary, with the unforgettable Ringo EXPO 08 and a couple of other releases that culminated with her 5th (or is it 4th?) solo album, Sanmon Gossip.

This time it won't be different: actually it will be better!
The anniversary concerts, called 党大会 (Toutaikai), will run for 5 days in Shibuya's Bunkamura concert venue, and we can pretty much rest assured that there'll be a DVD/BR for that later on. But before all that, we'll have a bunch of stuff to spend money on. A "Collaborations Best Of" album, a "Live Best Of" album, all of the 4 Seiteki Healing discs released in a combo Blu-Ray and all of her live concerts released in Blu-Ray as well. All of it will be released on November 13.

Here are the cover artworks and tracklists, released by kronekodow.

Title: 浮き名(Ukina)
Release Date: 20013.11.13
01 - やさしい哲学/冨田ラボ
04 - IT WAS YOU/椎名林檎と斎藤ネコカルテット
05 - Rock & Hammer/谷口 崇
06 - You make me feel so bad/ZAZEN BOYS
07 - 熱愛発覚中/椎名林檎と中田ヤスタカ(CAPSULE)
08 - MY FOOLISH HEART 〜crazy on earth〜/SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS×椎名林檎
09 - あまいやまい feat.椎名林檎/マボロシ
10 - 危険すぎる/浅井健一
11 - becoming/谷口 崇
12 - きらきら武士 feat.Deyonna/レキシ
13 - 殺し屋危機一髪/SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONSと椎名林檎
14 - APPLE with Ringo Sheena/TOWA TEI
15 - Between Today and Tomorrow/椎名林檎と斎藤ネコカルテット
Bonus Track
16 - MY FOOLISH HEART 〜crazy on shibuya〜/SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS×椎名林檎

01 - Yasashii Tetsugaku / Tomita Lab
03 - Rockin' Ruler / MO'SOME TONEBENDER
04 - IT WAS YOU / Shiina Ringo & Saitou Neko Quartet
05 - Rock & Hammer / Takashi Taniguchi
06 - You make me feel so bad / ZAZEN BOYS
07 - Netsuai Hakkaku Chuu/ Shiina Ringo & Yasukata Nakata (Capsule)
08 - MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~ / SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS x Shiina Ringo
09 - Amai Yamai feat. Shiina Ringo / Maboroshi
10 - Kiken Sugiru / Asai Kennichi
11 - becoming / Takashi Taniguchi
12 - Kira Kira Bushi feat. Deyonna / Rekishi
13 - Koroshiya Kikiippatsu / SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS & Shiina Ringo
14 - APPLE with Ringo Sheena / TOWA TEI
15 - Between Today and Tomorrow / Shiina Ringo & Saitou Neko Quartet
Bonus Track
16 - MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on shibuya~/ SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS x Shiina Ringo

Title: 蜜月抄 (Mitsugetsu Shou)
Release Date: 20013.11.13
01 -  本能 <“下剋上エクスタシー”2000.4.26 NHKホール>
02 - 歌舞伎町の女王 <“座禅エクスタシー”2000.7.30嘉穂劇場>
03 - ありあまる富 <NHK「SONGS」2009年放送>
04 - 迷彩 <“第一回林檎班大会の模様”2005.12 恵比寿ガーデンホール>
05 - 今夜だふ <発育ステータス"御起立ジャポン"2000.7.8 新宿リキッド>
06 - 茜さす帰路照らされど… <“座禅エクスタシー”2000.7.30嘉穂劇場>
07 - 積木遊び <“下剋上エクスタシー”2000.4.26 NHKホール>
08 - 浴室 <“座禅エクスタシー”2000.7.30嘉穂劇場>
09 - 茎(STEM) <“Ringo EXPO 08”2008.11.30さいたまスーパーアリーナ>
10 - りんごのうた <“第一回林檎班大会の模様”2005.12 代官山UNIT>
11 - 罪と罰  <“Electric Mole”2003.9.27 日本武道館>
12 - 丸ノ内サディスティック <“Electric Mole”2003.9.27 日本武道館>
13 - 密偵物語 <NHK「SONGS」2009年放送>
14 - あおぞら <“下剋上エクスタシー”2000.4.26 NHKホール>
15 - ポルターガイスト <“賣笑エクスタシー”2003.5.27 九段会館>
16 - この世の限り <“Ringo EXPO 08”2008.11.30さいたまスーパーアリーナ>

01 - Honnou (Gekokujou Xstasy 2000.4.26 NHK Hall)
02 - Kabukichou no Joou (Zazen Xstasy 2000.7.30 Kaho Gekijou)
03 - Ariamaru Tomi (NHK SONGS broadcasted in 2009)
04 - Meisai (Dai Ikkai Ringohan Taikai no Moyou 2005.12 Ebisu Garden Hall)
05 - Konya Dafu (Hatsuiku Status "Gokiritsu Japon" 2000.7.8 Shin Yado Liquid)
06 - Akane Sasu Kiru Terasaredo... (Zazen Xstasy 2000.7.30 Kaho Gekijou)
07 - Tsumiki Asobi (Gekokujou Xstasy 2000.4.26 NHK Hall)
08 - Yokushitsu (Zazen Xstasy 2000.7.30 Kaho Gekijou)
09 - Kuki (STEM) (Ringo EXPO 08 2008.11.30 Saitama Super Arena)
10 - Ringo no Uta (Dai Ikkai Ringohan Taikai no Moyou 2005.12 Daikan Yama UNIT)
11 - Tsumi to Batsu (Electric Mole 2003.9.27 Nippon Budokan)
12 - Marunouchi Sadistic (Electric Mole 2003.9.27 Nippon Budokan)
13 - Mittei Monogatari (NHK SONGS broadcasted in 2009)
14 - Aozora (Gekokujou Xstasy 2000.4.26 NHK Hall)
15 - Poltergeist (Baishou Xstasy 2003.5.27 Kudan Kaikan)
16 - Kono Yo no Kagiri (Ringo EXPO 08 2008.11.30 Saitama Super Arena)

Title: The Sexual Healing Total Care Course 120min
Release Date: 20013.11.13
Disc 1 - Seiteki Healing ~Sono Ichi~
Disc 2 - Seiteki Healing ~Sono Ni~
Disc 3 - Seiteki Healing ~Sono San~
Disc 4 - Seiteki Healing ~Sono Shi~

Title: LIVE
Release Date: 20013.11.13
Disc 1 - Gekokujou Xstasy
Disc 2 - Hatsuiku Status "Gokiritsu Japon"
Disc 3 - Baishou Xstasy
Disc 4 - Electric Mole
Disc 5 - Zazen Xstasy
Disc 6 - Ringo EXPO 08
Disc 7 - Dai Ikkai Ringohan Taikai no Moyou
Disc 8 - Senkou Xstasy Document


Shiina Ringo will participate in Tomita Lab's new album

Update: Inserted the tracklist and other tidbits revealed through Natalie.mu.

Continuing with the collaborations that have marked most of the last years in Ringo's career, there is news of yet another project.
This time, producer Tomita Keiichi, known as Tomita Lab, requested her participation in his upcoming 4th studio album: Joyous. It was revealed that Ringo will lend her voice to 3 different tracks, and also her lyricist skills in one of them, "Yasashii Tetsugaku".

Joyous will have the participation of 3 other vocalists: Yuko Hara (Southern All-Stars' pianist), Yokoyama Ken (Crazy Ken Band) and Sakaiyuu. The album will have two editions: first-press and normal-press. The first-press will come with 2 CDs, the second of which will contain instrumental versions of the songs from the first CD (8 tracks in total). The first CD will have 10 tracks.

Title: Joyous
Release Date: 23.10.2013
01 - やさしい哲学 feat. 椎名林檎 (Yasashii Tetsugaku)
03 - 都会の夜 わたしの街 feat. 原 由子, 横山 剣, 椎名林檎, さかいゆう (Tokai no Yoru, Watashi no Machi)
09 - この世は不思議 feat. 原 由子, 横山剣, 椎名林檎, さかいゆう(Kono Yo wa Fushigi)

Bonus Disc:
02 - やさしい哲学 -Instrumental-
04 - 都会の夜 わたしの街 -Instrumental-
08 - この世は不思議 -Instrumental-

For a bit of related trivia, Tomita Lab arranged Yumi Matsutoya's cover of "Kaede", in the Sweets for my Spitz covers compilation album. Ringo participated in that album with a cover of "Spica".

There is room for speculation too: is this a new path for Ringo? Considering how Kameda has been producing most of her releases since a long time, is she trying to work with different people now? Maybe Tomita Lab?
She has done a awful lot of collaborating in this year already and, after Jihen's break-up, I think that means a lot. Let's see how it goes after the 15th anniversary shows in November.