Shiina Ringo - 1999.09.05 - Sweet Love Shower '99

Here is another concert from 1999, Sweet Love Shower '99, one month before the release of the yet-to-be super popular "Honnou". Actually, it was in this concert that Ringo first performed that song, so it's amusing to see that the audience doesn't really react to the opening lines, contrary to want happens currently (see Ringo EXPO 08). But I really like every performance in this concert. Gyakutai Glycogen is the backing band and you shouldn't miss Kameda with his amazing mohawk, playing the bass.
About the files, the audio is pretty decent quality, since we're talking about a Space Shower TV broadcast and not some audience recording. For the MP3s I picked a different source than the video, and they should present no kind of problem. As for the video, I had actually different sources for each performances, so I did my best to merge them all into one single contiguous video. You may notice changes in video quality but I think I can guarantee that nothing is missing.

Concert: Sweet Love Shower '99
Venue: 日比谷野外音楽堂 (Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall)
Date: 1999.09.05
01 - Introduction
02 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Kabukichou no Joou)
03 - 丸の内サディスティック (Marunouchi Sadistic)
04 - MC1
05 - アイデンティティ (Identity)
06 - 幸福論(悦楽編) (Koufukuron (Etsuraku-hen))
07 - MC2
08 - 本能 (Honnou)
09 - シドと白昼夢 (Sid to Hakuchuumu)
10 - リモートコントローラー (Remote Controller)
11 - Ending

Download (MP3 V0)
Download (H264 340x240 Chapters)

PS - Just wanted to point out that she doesn't perform "Kabukichou no Joou" completely, but only the opening lines.

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  1. Already had the audio, but it is a different version, 192 kbps, cut in 6 tracks, no introduction. I prefer your version.
    I never seen the video, I'm excited to watch.
    Thank you very much!