Shiina Ringo - 2000.07.30 - Zazen Xstasy

I consider Zazen Xstasy to be one of Ringo's most important concerts ever. It was a one night show, only available to a restricted number of fans, and with a setlist composed of tons of B-Sides, instead of the cliché songs. Some of them had interesting new arrangements and overall the performances were great. Also, it was the first and only Ringo concert to be broadcast live through the internet, with the choppy video/audio quality of the year 2000. And someone ripped it.
For some time, that rip and other audience recordings where the only way for anyone to experience the greatness of this concert. However, as everyone knows, we got lucky and in 2008 EMI released a great quality DVD with the full concert... Or was it? Not really! For some reason they decided to cut one of the songs, "Haikei EMI-dono", which is a cover of Sex Pistols' "EMI".

So what I've got here is the rip of the web streaming of the concert, which contains MC parts excluded from the DVD and also the Sex Pistols cover. But as you can guess, the audio quality is pretty crappy (and from what I saw of the video, that one is crappy too), so fortunately I also got hold of a audience recording bootleg of the "Haikei EMI-dono" song which sounds so much better.

I think the better option here is to keep the web rip because of the MCs (unless you don't care about those things) and then put "Haikei EMI-dono" along with the DVD rips of Zazen Xstasy (which I don't provide), in the order I will show bellow.

Tour: 座禅エクスタシー (Zazen Xstasy)
Venue: 嘉穂劇場 (Kaho Theatre)
Date: 2000.07.30
01 - 時が暴走する (Toki ga Busou Suru)
02 - 積木遊び (Tsumiki Asobi)
03 - 眩暈 (Memai)
04 - 少女ロボット (Shoujo Robot)
05 - リモートコントローラー (Remote Controller)
06 - MC1
07 - 茜さす帰路照らされど… (Akane-sasu Kiro Terasaredo…)
08 - 拝啓EMI殿 (Haikei EMI-dono)
09 - アイデンティティ (Identity)
10 - 病床パブリック (Byoushou Public)
11 - アンコンディショナル・ラブ (Unconditional Love)
12 - MC2
13 - サカナ (Sakana)
14 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Kabukichou no Joou)
15 - 弁解ドビュッシー (Benkai Debussy)
16 - 浴室 (Yokushitsu)
17 - マイラグジュアリーナイト (My Luxury Night)
18 - シドと白昼夢 (Sid to Hakuchuumu)
19 - ストイシズム (Stoicism)

Download (MP3 v5)

You might be wondering why there is no "Nihon ni Umarete", and that's because it wasn't broadcasted in the web streaming.
Anyway, here is the "Haikei EMI-dono" from the audience recording bootleg, which sounds very good.

Download (MP3 160CBR)

PS - Starting this Saturday I'm going to be internetless during a month (maybe), so this is probably my last post till then. See ya!

Shiina Ringo - MY FOOLISH HEART PV + News

Okay, this was unexpected. So it seems SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS released a PV for the Ringo featuring song, "MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~×椎名林檎". That said, there's no Ringo or apples on the video, at all. Leave a comment if you can see any reference to our lady please!

Thanks to my friend Orenji for the heads-up!

Update: According to the SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS website, there's a new arrangement of "MY FOOLISH HEART" called "MY FOOLISH HEART~Crazy in Shibuya~" which was released today on the japanese iTunes store and also as Chaku-Uta (ringtone).

If you have access to it, don't waste time and go buy the song, because it's a limited time release!


Shiina Ringo - 1999.08.12 - Tamentai Telepathy

Tamentai Telepathy, or 多面体テレパシー (meaning Polyhedron Telepathy), is another Space Shower TV special program about Shiina Ringo. First broadcasted two months before the release of the "Honnou" single, it's a hour long interview with Ringo, mostly shot in b/w. There are some clips of her PVs and other kinds of footage, but it's mostly b/w. The highlight of this whole interview is that Ringo has a realistic (toy) gun with her and at some points waves her carelessly around. Reminds me of her "Yokushitsu" performance at Ringo EXPO 08.
Anyway, like any other Ringo interview, it's a bit useless without an english translation, something I would like to provide but can't. Maybe one day...

Download (MP4 H264 352x262)

Shiina Ringo - 2000.08.30 - Kyuudan Recycle

Kyuudan Recycle, or 糾弾リサイクル (meaning Blame Recycle), is a special program made and broadcasted by Space Shower TV, first airing some weeks before the release of Zecchoushuu. Like the name implies, it's a "recycling" of old interviews, mainly Tamentai Telepathy and Yuuhatsu Orgasm. At the end of the program there's the PV for "Yattsuke Shigoto" along with a small Zecchoushuu ad.
Sadly, there is no english translation of this, so I guess it's not very useful to us non-japanese fans. I wonder if anyone out there is available to translate these kinds of interviews? Because I got a bunch here.

Download (MP4 H264 320x240)



I didn't use the full name of the song because I didn't want to have a huge post title. Anyway, here's a YouTube video of the song "MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~×椎名林檎", from SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS latest album, 6.

Video was removed from YouTube.

I think the the second half gets better. It doesn't feel like a Ringo song, but it sounds pretty nice. I like SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS anyway.


Small update on NHK SONGS audio

I was listening to the NHK SONGS audio rips for the first time in a couple of months, and finally decided it was time to redo them. The thing is, the volume is too low because I didn't adjust the levels like I should, so everytime the songs come up I need to raise the volume manually. Which is annoying, of course.
There are ways to fix this, for example with Foobar's Audio Gain or with iTunes Volume Adjustment, but I guess it's easier if the files already have the gain applied. Which is what I did.
So I updated the correspondent posts with the new links, while keeping the old ones as well, in case someone wants them.


And that's it. See ya!


Shiina Ringo - 2007.06.00 - Sannin Kichisa

Oh my god! I've been looking for this video for so long! Finally!

Ok, excuse me for my happiness. What we have here is a video of Nakamura Kanzaburou XVIII's kabuki play called "Sannin Kichisa", that was on stage during the month of June, 2007 (related post). More exactly, the part where the song "Tamatebako", that Ringo wrote for Kenzaburou, is playing in the background.
It was later broadcasted on television in some occasions (August and September 2007, for example).

I (fortunately) got an audio rip of the song back in the day, but the video was nowhere to be found. I searched and searched the darkest places of internet, but nothing! So now I can finally leave this matter rest. I'm still not sure which day the video recording took place, so I'll leave it 2007.06.00, because I only know the year and the month.

01 - 玉手箱 (Tamatebako)
Download (MP3 V0)
Download (MP4 H264 480x360)

Other stuff that I found before are the lyrics (found on this chinese website) and a big resolution image of the Sannin Kichisa poster. I'm sure the romaji I did isn't perfect and we sure would be happier with a translation, but I guess it's better than nothing, eh?
Oh by the way, the chinese website has a bunch of information regarding the kabuki play, so if you can read chinese... be thankful, because I can't!

眠れよい子や (nemure yoi ko ya)
明くる日は (akuru hi wa)
お宮参りさ (omiya mairi sa)
ねんねしな (nenne shina)

眠るよい子は (nemuru yoi ko wa)
玉手箱 (tamatebako)
目を離したら (me wo hanashi tara)
あっという間 (attoiu ma)

眠れよい子や (nemure yoi ko ya)
雪の夜は (yuki no yoru wa)
さぞ永いだろう (sazo nagai darou)
ねんころろ (nenkororo)

眠るよい子は (nemuru yoi ko wa)
玉手箱 (tamatebako)
みつめていても (mitsumeteitemo)
あっという間 (attoiu ma)
あっという間 (attoiu ma)

PS - I wanna thank my friend Bromithia for providing the YouTube link. I'm not sure who was the first person to find it tho. As for the audio rip, it was given by Ringo fan EmilScherbe. Well, thanks everyone!

PPS - I don't think I can tag this post with "Era Heisei Fuuzoku" or "Era Variety". If we consider the date, it would be Variety, but that's a Tokyo Jihen album and this collaboration sure wasn't any form of promotion. So I won't define an Era.

PPPS - As found on the Nostalgic Lavender website (thanks for the info Mat!), it seems the play was broadcasted on TV earlier than what I thought, so I updated the post with that info. Also, sorry for labeling this with the wrong month, it's fixed now! As you can see from this post I was aware of the correct month, June, but converted it to 7 instead of 6. My bad!


Shiina Ringo - 2000.01.24 - Pop Jam

I do not have much information about this special episode of PopJam, but I suppose it isn't anything very important. What you see in the video is Ringo performing a slightly-short version of "Honnou" with most (if not all) of Gyakutai Glycogen's members. In the second part, Ringo acts has co-host of the show and makes a small comment about the Morning Musume performance (not included) and then presents the popular band The Yellow Monkey. But first comes a comedy duo pretending to be members of the band, only to be teased at by the real members that appear afterwards. They then have a joke performance of the song "JAM", which was used as theme song of PopJam at the time. During that time Ringo is next to them and exchanges some words, but nothing really important.

01 - 本能 (Honnou)
Download (MP3 V3)
Download (MP4 H264 320x240)


Shiina Ringo - Soil&"Pimp"Sessions Collaboration

I completely forgot about this piece of news. Well, it has been annouced that Ringo would be featured in Soil&"Pimp"Sessions new album, called 6, but only recently have more details been released. And the album is hitting stores pretty soon! Anyway, here's the tracklist:

Album: 6
Band: Soil&"Pimp"Sessions
Release Date: 2009.09.16
1 - SEVEN (Intro Sound Collage by DJKENTARO)
4 - MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy in mind~
9 - MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~×椎名林檎
11 - “STOLEN MOMENTS” featuring Jamie Cullum
13 - 殺戮と平和 (Satsuriku to Heiwa)

So the song is called "MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~×椎名林檎" and the lyrics will be in english. There is some kind of connection between track 4 and 9, something like one is instrumental only and the other has vocals... I guess we'll have to wait for September 16 to be sure of this.

PS - Apparently Blogger is not OK with using the sign "&" on tags, so I'll have to write "Soil and Pimp Sessions". Sorry!

I should have done this before making this post, but well... nothing I can do now except update. With exciting additions!
So it seems the Ringo collaboration has been playing in some japanese radios for at least 2 weeks, so the full version must be around somewhere. For now, here's what I found: 30 seconds previews for track 4 and 9.

4 - MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy in mind~ (preview)
9 - MY FOOLISH HEART ~crazy on earth~×椎名林檎 (preview)
Download (WMA V2)

This confirms that track 4 is in fact a more up-tempo arrangement of track 9. And I got to admit, altough kind of perplexed at first, I'm loving Ringo's participation. Completely different from anything we heard before, right? I just think her voice is a bit too low, but maybe it's just in the preview.
Also, here's the link to the site where you can hear the previews for every track in the album. Let's hope I don't get in any trouble for linking their site...

PS - The tags of the WMAs are unchanged, except that I added the album name and track numbers. I'm saying this because they are different from the ones found on Soil&"Pimp"Session's official website, which I have used in this posts. Those are the correct tags.


Shiina Ringo - 2000.04.26 - Gekokujyo Xstasy

Remember this other post? Well, aparently someone was kind enough to provide this other nice bootleg of the same Gekokujyo Concert, at NHK Hall. I call it bootleg but it's actually a professional recording (video and audio) that just wasn't for sale. Alas, the video quality isn't impressive, and most of the times the picture is too dark, but I think it is well worth it. The higher resolution of the picture also provides a (much) better experience than the Kyoei Buranko video. Unfortunately, I couldn't compress it to less than ~900MB, because I didn't want to risk the picture quality with a lossy encode of an already lossy DVD source. However, you will agree that it's better than 2 DVD ISOs (~8GB), right? It's also almost 2 hours of video.
Anyway, that aside, I replaced the cover image of the previous post to one that now includes a "Fan Recording Version" label, so for this new version I will use the previous cover. The reason for this is that you will notice these MP3s sound much much better than the fan-recorded ones, which means this bootleg will be the standard for this concert. The other bootleg is still going to be available tho.
So I guess that's it! Enjoy.

Tour: 下剋上エクスタシー (Gekokujyo Xstasy)
Venue: NHKホール (NHK Hall)
Date: 2000.04.26
01 - Concert Beginning
02 - Medley
03 - Audience Cheering
04 - Band Enters Stage
05 - 本能 (Honnou)
06 - 虚言症 (Kyogenshou)
07 - 積木遊び (Tsumiki Asobi)
08 - Band Introduction
09 - あおぞら (Aozora)
10 - ギブス (Gips)
11 - MC1
12 - ギャンブル (Gamble)
13 - やっつけ仕事 (Yattsuke Shigoto)
14 - 弁解ドビュッシー (Benkai Debussy)
15 - ここでキスして。 (Koko de Kissu Shite)
16 - アイデンティティ (Identity)
17 - 警告 (Keikoku)
18 - MC2
19 - 罪と罰 (Tsumi to Batsu)
20 - 歌舞伎町の女王 (Kabukichou no Joou)
21 - 浴室 (Yokushitsu)
22 - 依存症 (Izonshou)
23 - シドと白昼夢 (Sid to Hakuchuumu)
24 - 病床パブリック (Byoushou Public)
25 - Audience Cheering
26 - MC3
27 - 同じ夜 (Onaji Yoru)
28 - Audience Cheering
29 - MC4
30 - 月に負け犬 (Tsuki ni Makeinu)
31 - Concert Ending

Download (MP3 V2)
Download (MP4 H264 720x540 Chapters) Part 1 Part 2

PS - You will need 7zip to extract the video file, because it's split in 2 parts.