Shiina Ringo - 2007.02.23 - Bokura no Ongaku 3

Two days after the release of the album Heisei Fuuzoku, Shiina Ringo was the guest of this Bokura no Ongaku episode. Interviewed by the baseball player Suzuki Ichiro, to whom she (or rather Tokyo Jihen) gave the song "Superstar" to be used as his theme in 2006, when he played for the Japan National Baseball Team. Later in 2007, she gave him "Identity" and "Yokushitsu" as theme songs for other games. Apparently he doesn't like the word Superstar that much, despite being called one all the time, and claims to skip the song when listening to the album Adult, which probably puts Ringo in a awkward position. Kameda wrote the song tho...
Anyway, the performances aren't really that amazing and she doesn't seem to put too much emotion into them. Maybe she was still shocked with Ichiro's claims!

01 - カリソメ乙女 (Karisome Otome)
02 - 錯乱 (Sakuran)
03 - ギャンブル (Gamble)
Download (MP3 128KBS CBR)
Download (MP4 H264 640x480 Chapters)

PS - Sometimes there's bleeding in the video, particulary in high contrasting areas, but it's the only source I have for now. It's not that important anyway. Also, the MP3 rips are not mine, but they have better quality than the audio from the video, that's why I prefer them.

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