Daihakken's Tracklist

The tracklist for Tokyo Jihen's new album, 大発見, has been revealed through kronekodow.

Album Title: 大発見 (Daihakken)
Date: 2011.06.29

01 - 天国へようこそ For The Disc (Tengoku he Youkoso)
02 - 絶対値対相対値 (Zettaichi Tai Soutaichi)
03 - 新しい文明開化 (Atarashii Bunmeikaika)
04 - 電気のない都市 (Denki no nai Machi)
05 - 海底に巣くう男 (Kaitei ni Sukuu Otoko)
06 - 禁じられた遊び (Kinjirareta Asobi)
07 - ドーパミント! BPM103 (Dopamint!)
08 - 恐るべき大人達 (Osorubeki Otona Tachi)
09 - 21世紀宇宙の子 (21 Seiki Uchuu no Ko)
10 - かつては男と女 (Katsute wa Otoko to Onna)
11 - 空が鳴っている (Sora ga Natteiru)
12 - 風に肖って行け (Kaze ni Ayakatte Ike)
13 - 女の子は誰でも (Onna no Ko wa Daredemo)
BT - 天国へようこそ For The Tube (Tengoku he Youkouso)

Rough translation:
01 - Welcome to Heaven For The Disc
02 - Absolute vs Relative
03 - The New Civilization and Enlightenment Movement
04 - City Without Electricity
05 - Men Haunting the Ocean Floor
06 - Forbidden Game
07 - Dopamint! BPM103
08 - Dreadful Adults
09 - 21st Century Child of the Universe
10 - Former Men and Women
11 - Sky is Rumbling
12 - Go With the Wind
13 - Any Girl Will Do
BT - Welcome to Heaven For The Tube

I tried my best at the romaji convertions and translations, so hopefully they're not that bad, but it's probably better to wait for a more reliable source of translations. It looks like the symmetry isn't really present in this album. Sure, the number of kanji is the same for every correspondant track, but I don't see much similarity between "海底に巣くう男" and "21世紀宇宙の子". And why is the last track a Bonus Track? Maybe I'm missing something here...


Shiina Ringo - 2011.05.20 - Music Station

Here is the latest Music Station performance. Ringo was there without the band, promoting the single "女の子は誰でも" as if it was her own. Likely for the same reason why the Shiseido ads had to be changed to feature a Ringo-only version of the song: Hata's incident with the police.
Anyway, she didn't talk much during the whole show, but really had a great finale performance, even tho the vocals were just plain mediocre. We know she doesn't seem to put much effort into any Music Station performance, but I think this song really deserved it.

Ringo's message after the show.
I should start adding these to the Music Station's posts... they're usually quite cute or funny. I'm not sure what she's saying in this one, but I could swear it's some kind of comment about men's (男) transpiration (汗), because the guests had some kind of chat about that kind of scent. Oh well.

01 - 女の子は誰でも (Onna no Ko wa Daredemo)
Download (MP3 V0)
Download (MP4 H264 852x480)


Tokyo Jihen Phase 3

Here's a little bit of humor.

A picture of Phase 3 working on the next album, called Sadistic ⊿.
Tell me the truth, wouldn't you love it?

PS - I found this picture on last.fm and just had to share it, it's just too funny :)


Current Incidents

So let's just recap everything that has happened in the last 24 or so hours.

The new album has finally been announced, and on such happy short notice: the release date is June 29, only just a month and a half from today. The title of the album is 大発見 (Dai Hakken), which means "Great Discovery" or "Breakthrough", which leads us to the likely overall theme of the 5th Jihen album: wild-life/nature television. For some reason, there's no english equivalent translation working as official reading (for now), so it seems to be the first album since "Kyoiku" to have a japanese reading title only.
It will contain 13 tracks, 4 of them being the previously released singles "天国へようこそ", "ドーパミント!", "空が鳴っている" and "女の子は誰でも". That's one less new song compared to Sports, but at least the first two singles will be re-arranged versions.

There is no mention of "夜明けのうた" being included, but I figure it's very unlikely, considering it's a cover and was released for a very specific purpose. There's, however, a new song that we can listen already in the new Tokyo Subway CM, called "新しい文明開化" (Atarashii Bunmeikaika), which means "The New Civilization and Enlightenment Movement". For curiosity's sake, the Bunmeikaika was a movement in the Meiji Period which benefited the westernization of Japan.
You can check the various CM's to listen to different parts of the song, here.

Lastly, the complete info about the previously mentioned new tour has been released. Following the name of the album, it'll be called Tokyo Jihen Live Tour 2011 Discovery, and will encompass 20 days of performances, starting September 30 and ending December 2. Too bad for me, I was hoping they'd tour in 2012, because there's no way I'll have enough money to attend this year.
Nevertheless, I like how it seems that they're going for a sort of Art Nouveau/Art Deco style with the font chosen. It matches the "Onna no Ko wa Daredemo" PV and also the choice for the credits song in the previous tour, "Rhapsody in Blue". I'm addicted to Art Deco, you see :)

That seems to be it, for now!