SWITCH March 2010 Scans

Here are my scans for the March 2010 issue of the SWITCH magazine, featuring loads of Ringo and Jihen content, during the Sports era.

SWITCH - 2010.03
Download (24 PNGs)

As the cover says, there's a Shiina Ringo x CHANEL photoshoot inside, one of her collaborations with the fashion house before the recent THE LITTLE BLACK JACKET exhibition/book.
I didn't include the pages where there was only text/interviews, by the way.


Bon Voyage Tour DVD and Blu-Ray

The final Tokyo Jihen tour, Bon Voyage, will get a DVD and Blu-Ray release on June 13th.

First-press edition will include a cardboard sleeve and an envelope-enclosed 1.000.000 Jihen paper bill. This release will include the last day of the short tour, February 29th at Nippon Budokan. Pre-orders are available at the usual sites.