Shiina Ringo - New DVD and Vinyl

Kronekodow was updated today with more information regarding two new releases from Shiina Ringo, the new music video DVD and the new 12-inch vinyl.

Sexual Healing 4
性的ヒーリング~其ノ四~ (Seiteki Healing ~Sono Yon~)
Release Date: 2009.08.26
TOBF-5650 2,400円 ($25)
- ありあまる富 (Ariamaru Tomi)
- 旬 (Shun)
- 流行 (Ryuukou)
- 色恋沙汰 (Irokoizata)
- 都合のいい身体 (Tsugou no Ii Karada)
- 丸の内サディスティック(EXPO Ver.)(Marunouchi Sadistic)

Saturday Night Gossip
Release Date: 2009.08.26
TOJT-26840 2,700円 ($28)
Side A:
1 - 丸の内サディスティック (EXPO Ver.) (Marunouchi Sadistic)
2 - SG~Superficial Gossip~
3 - 密偵物語 (Saturday Night Gossip Ver.) (Mittei Monogatari)
Side B:
1 - マヤカシ優男 (Mayakashi Yasaotoko)
2 - 色恋沙汰 (Irokoizata)
3 - 流行 (Ryuukou)

There is some speculation regarding the 6th video in Seiteki Healing 4. The most reasonable one says that it will be a music video or credits roll for the new version of "Mittei Monogatari" included in the Vinyl, considering what happen with Tokyo Jihen's "Put Your Camera Down". Other people speculate, unreasonably, that it will be a video for "Tamatebako", the song Ringo wrote for the kabuki show "Tokaido Yotsuya Kaidan" back in 2007.

Source: Kronekodow's News page

EDIT: Hmm, my friend papi noticed something about these two covers...

UPDATE (2009.07.17): The 6th video on Seiteki Healing 4 has been confirmed and included in the tracklist above.


  1. I don't think the new PV will be for Tamatebako, honestly. That song will never see the light XD. I'm dying to hear the new Mittei Monogatari version *___*.

  2. Hey it's such a great database here! thanks for collecting and uploading Ringo's vids. I was desperate to watch some TV shows she appeared since I'm not in Japan now.
    By the way, I saw some posts about the new version of Mittei Monogatari on 2ch (the biggest forum in Japan.) and they said that the new version is just the Mittei Monogatari that has the rap part of Togatta Teguchi in intro. So it is a different version though, apparently it's not quite a totally new arranged track.
    Anyway if I get more info, I'll post them here:)

  3. Thanks for your comment al! :)
    Yes, I heard the same as you, which makes me a bit sad... I was hoping to get a really distinct arrangement, because it's my favourite song in Sanmon Gossip. Well, at least I'm not to concerned with getting the vynil anymore ahah.