Tokyo Jihen - 2004.07.25 - Meet the World Beat 04

Haven't put Tokyo Jihen stuff up in a while, so here is something nice. Meet the World Beat, like Sweet Love Shower, is one of the many usual summer music festivals in Japan. In 2004, soon after the formation of the band, Tokyo Jihen performed in the the grass fields of the Expo '70 Commemorative Park, near Osaka. In fact, they participated in 4 different festivals that summer, this one being the smallest in terms of number of songs.
Needless to say, it's a pretty nice concert and the setlist has something for everyone's taste. I really like the "Tsumiki Asobi" arrangement, by the way.

Concert: Meet the World Beat 2004
Venue: 万国博記念公園もみじ川芝生広場 (Expo '70 Commemorative Park - Maple River Grass Area)
Date: 2004.07.25
01 - Introduction
02 - 丸の内サディスティック (Marunouchi Sadistic)
03 - 積木遊び (Tsumiki Asobi)
04 - MC 1
05 - その淑女ふしだらにつき (The Lady is a Tramp)
06 - 御祭騒ぎ (Omatsuri Sawagi)
07 - 林檎の唄 (Ringo no Uta)
08 - MC 2
09 - 群青日和 (Gunjou Biyori)
10 - MC 3
11 - ダイナマイト (Dynamite)

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  1. It's always great to see Hiizumi's performance.
    Thank you very much!

  2. Tsumiki Asobi in this version is GREAT- --! !!
    Thank you so much ~ I LOVE iT