Shiina Ringo - 2005.08.03 - LENS

LENS is a theatre play by Kentarou Kobayashi Produce (KKP), the 4th production in a number of 6 plays so far, whose Music Director was Shiina Ringo. She used "STEM~Daimyou Asobi hen~" as the theme song for the play: it's used as opening and ending song, and sometimes an instrumental version is heard playing in the background.
The play ran for 9 days in Japan, in two different theatres, during the month of July, 2004. One of those days (I'm not sure which one) was recorded for DVD, released on August 3, 2005, which is available at Amazon.co.jp and other places. What I upload here is not the film itself, but only the parts with Ringo "presence", both in video and audio. Also included is the full instrumental version of "Meisai", KZK arrangement, that plays during the DVD menu, which was a complete surprise to me since I never heard about it. The sound is slightly grainy, but that's how it is in the DVD, so it's probably intentional to make it sound like it's being played through an old gramophone.

About the story of the play, I have not watched it yet, but I think it's a detective story in a old library, where something happened and they are trying to find the culprit... That is as much informative as I can be! Well, it obviously also involves some kind of detective lens as a central piece of the story.
It also shares elements and characters with Hyaku-iro Megane, the short film. In fact, Kobayashi Kentarou is the main character of that short film and this play. He even dresses the same way and with STEM being the theme song in both cases, there's clearly some kind of connection between the two.
By the way, the plays are from July 2004, like I said, which means right between Electric Mole and "Gunjou Biyori" single, the transition between solo and band.

That said... there's really not much more information I can give for now, as there is not much english sources. After I watch the movie, I'll update this post if I find anything else worthwhile.

01 - 迷彩 (Instrumental) (Meisai)
02 - 茎(STEM)~大名遊ビ編~ (Finale) (STEM~Daimyou Asobi hen~)
03 - 茎(STEM)~大名遊ビ編~ (Instrumental)
04 - KKP Message
05 - 茎(STEM)~大名遊ビ編~ (Omake Finale)
Download (MP3 V0)

LENS - Opening Credits.mp4
LENS - Finale.mp4
LENS - Finale (omake).mp4
Download (MP4 H264 720x402 and 720x480)

PS - I used the cover of the DVD to make the cover for this. It's not that I'm lazy, but I think the cover is pretty cool. The Omake stuff means that it's from a Bonus video found after the film, that I think is from a different day.


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