Tokyo Jihen Live Tour 2012 Domestique Bon Voyage (set-lists)

Once again I'll try to cover up the setlists for the Bon Voyage Tour. The 6 days tour started yesterday, February 14, with a huge setlist bound to please most fans, even with the absense of some favourite tracks. There was space for three covers, however, two of them being from the recently released self-penned songs given to Chiaki Kuriyama.


ROCKIN' ON JAPAN January 2012 Scans

Here are the scans from the Discovery Tour article included in the January issue of ROCKIN' ON JAPAN, unfortunately not quite as early as I had expected to post them. The article is a bit short on words, focusing on all the releases and activities that culminated in the 2011 tour, with a brief sinopsis of the shows. It also mentions the release of the solo single "Carnation" and the soon-to-be released album "color bars", then called simply "colo bar".
I think the important part are the gorgeous photos, really, so get downloading.

ROCKIN' ON JAPAN - 2011.11.17
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