Tokyo Jihen - 2005.06.24 - Pop Jam

Some weeks before the release of the Dynamite In and Dynamite Out DVDs, Tokyo Jihen were the guests of this Pop Jam episode. This 40 minute program is very amusing because it's a trip around Tokyo, mainly the Taitou ward, with Shiina Ringo, Seiji Kameda and Mikio Hirama. Gotta love them riding the pandas. There are also many clips from Dynamite Out performances included.
It's also important to note that soon after this, both Hirama (guitarist) and HZM (keyboard) left the band and were replaced by Ukigumo and Ichiyo Izawa, respectively.

Download (MP4 H264 640x480 Chapters)


  1. My version of this is 640x480 which is slightly bigger than yours (I checked) you want me to upload it somewhere?


  2. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FSK70Q1B

  3. Oh! Thank you so much Bingo! :D

  4. erf, the end of what I reckon as the best period of ringo.... I love the blog !