Shiina Ringo - 2009.06.20 - SSTV V.I.P.

Shiina Ringo was featured in the Space Shower TV V.I.P. special program, for the month of June 2009.
The program consists mostly of interviews regarding Sanmon Gossip and her collaborators, like Mummy-D, Soil & Pimp Sessions, J.A.M and Ikeda Takafumi. Presented in the program are also the PVs for "Ariamaru Tomi" and "Shun".
I reckon this video would be more useful if it was made available in it's broadcast date (3 days before Sanmon Gossip's release).

Download (MP4 H264 684x448)

One slightly important thing about this program is that Mummy-D confirms the pronunciation of the first track of Sanmon Gossip: Ryuukou.

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