Tokyo Jihen - 2007.08.18 - J-WAVE LIVE 2000+7

This is actually kind of hard to label, because it's a Ken Hirai concert in the J-WAVE LIVE 2000+7 set of concerts and Shiina Ringo sings "Sha La La" with him, to be joined later by Ukigumo and Izawa for "Killer Tune".
Yet, since this occured during the Variety promotion, I'm putting it under Tokyo Jihen.

Concert Date: 2007.08.18
TV Broadcast: 2007.10.13
01 - シャ・ラ・ラ (Sha La La / Southern All Stars cover)
02 - キラーチューン (Killer Tune)
Download (MP3 VBR0)
Download (MP4 H264 640x368 Chapters)


  1. Thanks Shinji! I had lost those files *_*!

  2. the link for the mp3 leads to the mediafire homepage.. :(

  3. Done. I seem to have missed the comment back in 2009 ahah... My bad!
    It's re-uploaded :)