New Tour and New Album for Shiina Ringo!

Disclaimer: It's not exactly a new SOLO album, it's a self-covers album!

Ok, now that your hearts are less excited because of the post title, let's see what Ringohan brought us today. Very soon, Shiina Ringo will be live touring again and will release her first (and much begged) self-covers album. Themed around importation and exportation, these activities will mainly concern the songs she wrote for other artists throughout her career. Different producers will provide unique arrangements to the songs, in what will certainly be similar to a "Utaite Miyori" 2 experience (but with more than 2 producers this time). Who else was expecting a self-covers album?

If you track "KKTU 7327385" in the K-Line website,
you can see the recent life of that red cargo next to Ringo.
Arrived January 27, left March 7.

Without further ado, here's all the information!

Title: 逆輸入 ~港湾局~ (Gyakuyunyuu ~Kouwankyoku~)
Translation: Reimport ~Port and Harbor Authority~
Release Date: 27/05/2014
Limited Edition: TYCT-69017 (Y3.780)
Cardboard case with hardcover booklet (like Ukina/Mitsugetsushou) + B2 Poster
Regular Edition: TYCT-60035 (Y3.240)

01 - プライベイト(Private)
By: Hirosue Ryoko (07/10/1998)
Arranged by: Ken'ichi Maeyamada (Momoiro Clover, AKB48, SMAP, etc)
02 - カプチーノ(Cappucino)
By: Tomosaka Rie (27/01/1999)
Arranged by: Takeshi Kobayashi (Lily Chou-Chou, etc)
03 - 雨傘 (Amagasa)
By: TOKIO (03/09/2008)
Arranged by: Takamune Negishi (Cocco, Quruli, Mika Nakashima, etc)
04 - 渦中の男 (Kachuu no Otoko)
By: TOKIO (03/09/2008)
Arranged by: Takeshi Ueda (The Mad Capsule Markets, etc)
05 - 日和姫 (Hiyori Hime)
By: PUFFY (25/02/2009)
Arranged by: Tooru Hidaka (Beat Crusaders, etc)
06 - 主演の女 (Shuen no Onna)
By: PUFFY (17/06/2009)
Arranged by: Yoshihide Ootomo (Ground Zero, Kahimi Karie, etc)
07 - 決定的三分間 (Keitteiteki Sanpunkan)
By: Chiaki Kuriyama (02/03/2011)
Arranged by: Nobuhiko Nakayama (Shouso Strip, Sanmon Gossip, etc)
08 - 青春の瞬き (Seishun no Matataki)
By: Chiaki Kuriyama (23/11/2011)
Arranged by: Tomita Lab
09 - 真夏の脱獄者 (Manatsu no Datsugokusha)
By: SMAP (08/08/2012)
Arranged by: Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso, Boa, Crystal Kay, Namie Amuro, pretty much anything Avex)
10 - 幸先坂 (Saisakizaka)
By: Youko Maki (27/05/2013)
Arranged by: Yoshiaki Sato (accordionist in Toutaikai and Hantaikai)
11 - 望遠鏡の外の景色 (Bouenkyou no Soto no Keshiki)
By: Noda Igeki (06/09/2012)
Arranged by: Youichi Murata (Pizzicato Five, Southern All-Stars, SMAP, TOKIO, etc)

Shiina Ringo
Chottoshita Reko Hatsu 2014
~Yokohama Kou he Gyakuyunyuu~
Dates: 26/05/2014 and 27/05/2014
Venue: 横浜大さん橋ホールは (Yokohama Daisan Hashi Hall)
Doors Open: 06:15PM
Start: 19:00PM

Shiina Ringo
Chottoshita Reko Hatsu 2014
~Oosaka Kou he Gyakuyunyuu~
Dates: 05/06/2014 and 06/06/2014
Venue: Sankei Hall Breeze (Osaka)
Doors Open: 06:15PM
Start: 19:00PM

Tickets for the shows will be on sale through Ringohan, as usual.

Credits to Yahiko and Chris for helping me put this together. You guys rock!


  1. Ukina/Mitsu didn't come with a poster but good info thanks

  2. he meant the hard cover book that came with Ukina/Mitsugetsushou... now the poster I guess

  3. I have always wanted to go to one of Shiina Ringo' concerts. Because I can't. seem to order tickets on the Ringohan site from the USA..

  4. Sorry but I find myself disappointed and even irritated by this news. The artist in question was spotted just recently here in NY:
    In the wake of those simply exquisite 党大会 concerts back in November with their peerless performances of songs in English (for instance: http://youtu.be/fqvnSEIT9Fw) there was a hope that she would finally branch out and offer some concerts abroad. Instead, what we get is another cd for domestic consumption followed up by shows in Yokohama and Osaka. It is especially bizarre that she has taken import-export as a theme when she once again refuses to release material or perform outside of Japan. Shiina Ringo is the supreme singer-songwriter of the 21st century. Why is she confining herself to the home islands? You can't 逆輸入 ("re-import") unless you have exported first.

  5. I too feel disappointed about her alleged unwillingness to perform outside of Japan. But sadly that's a reality I've learned to live with and it's very unlikely that I'll ever see her live.
    As so, releases like these, with new takes on old material she never performed before, are very exciting to me, because I'm forced to be that kind of fan, who only appreciates her work from afar.
    Regarding the title, although what you say is true, in this case she used Re-import because she "gave" the songs to other artists previously, and is now "taking" them back for herself.

  6. It's like Ringo read my mind. I love it when she covers her own songs written for other artists ~ .. my god.

  7. Razumikhin, I agree she has fans here in the USA and seens she does not care. I have tried to get tickets to a couple of her Concerts in Tokyo and it is virtually impossible if you don't speek Japanese or live in Japan. A reall weird way to do business for a Musician to say the least...