New Shiina Ringo album this November!

So the rumours were true: Ringo is indeed releasing a new album this year (and new single), right before the announced Arena Tour 2014! The Rocking'On website released all the juicy info we need, so here I'll provide a romaji conversion of the tracklist and all the important dates.

The new album is called 日出処 (Hiizuru Tokoro), which means something like "The Place of the Rising Sun". Among old songs, the 13 tracks of this album include 6 new songs and a new arrangement for "Kodoku no Akatsuki" (perhaps similar to the one we heard here). Oh, and a studio version of "Ima". I find it a bit weird she would include such an old song as "Ariamaru Tomi", which was single-exclusive until now, but Ringo has been known to bring old material back from the dead (Sanmon Gossip I'm looking at you).

The contents of the limited editions DVD/Blu-Ray are not very exciting and actually make us contemplate the hypothesis that we'll stop getting new Seiteki Healing releases... This probably has to do with the change of labels. Sad.

Another interesting fact is the 6th track, ちちんぷいぷい (Chichin Puipui), which is both the name of a popular MBS TV daily gossip show and also an expression said to children to heal wounds (kind of like magic words). One has to wonder which of these meanings does the song actually intend to use.

Needless to say, the tracklist presents the usual Ringo symmetry, although only concerning the number of characters and not kanji/kana combinations like other albums. It's no surprise that "Ima", the only single character song title, is the central track.

Title: 日出処 (Hiizuru Tokoro)
Release Date: 2014.11.05
Limited Edition A (CD + Blu-ray) TYCT-69069 ¥4,968
Limited Edition B (CD + DVD) TYCT-69070 ¥4,212
Normal Edition (CD) TYCT-60053 ¥3,240
01 - 静かなる逆襲 (Shizuka naru Gyakushuu)
02 - 自由へ道連れ (Jiyuu e Michizure)
03 - 走れゎナンバー (Hashire wa Number)
04 - 赤道を越えたら (Sekidou wo Koetara)
05 - JL005便で (JL005 Bin de)
06 - ちちんぷいぷい (Chichin Puipui)
07 - 今 (Ima)
08 - いろはにほへと (Iro wa Nioedo)
09 - ありきたりな女 (Arikitarina Onna)
10 - カーネーション (Carnation)
11 - 孤独のあかつき(信猫版)(Kodoku no Akatsuki) (Shinnekohan)
13 - ありあまる富 (Ariamaru Tomi)

Contents of DVD/BR: 6 PVs (Ariamaru Tomi, Carnation, Jiyuu e Michizure, Iro wa Nioedo, NIPPON, Arikitarina Onna)

One month before the actual album, we'll get the chance to listen to one of the new songs, ありきたりな女 (Arikitarina Onna). It will be released exclusively as a digital single and will have a PV. The release date on iTunes and Rekochoku is October 1st.

Title: ありきたりな女 (Arikitarina Onna)
Release Date: 2014.10.01 (digital release only)
01 - ありきたりな女 (Arikitarina Onna)

This year sure is turning out to be one of the most exciting for Ringo fans!


  1. I'd say the Kodoku is the one you linked to, because on Kronekodow listing: 11. 孤独のあかつき(信猫版)   <NHK Eテレ『SWITCHインタビュー 達人達』テーマ音楽(2013)>

  2. ありきたりな女 can be heard here:

  3. Entire video for ありきたりな女

  4. Your blond hair really confused me? What language is this in besides English?