Ringo will provide the NHK theme song for Soccer World Cup 2014

Big news everyone! Even tho we're still anxiously waiting for the release of Reimport, Shiina Ringo thinks ain't nobody got time for that! After showing her passion for sports, our diva queen was offered the task to create NHK's theme song for the Soccer World Cup 2014, that will happen in Brazil. What this means is that every program related to that matter will feature Ringo's song, throughout the NHK TV channels. Much better than hearing the vuvuzelas non-stop, don't you think?

Ringo will surely make an impact in
the World Cup results, looking as gorgeous as this.

So far, the title of the song is still a mystery and it's also unknown if there will be a retail release or if it's digital-only (some rumours point out for a retail release actually...). But what we do know is that the first preview of the song will appear in a May 12 segment of a program called "生中継 ワールドカップ日本代表 発表", which will cover the different types of promotion created to support the japanese soccer team in the World Cup. After that and througout June, Ringo's music will be part of the daily NHK broadcasts.

Source: Oricon

UPDATE: The single will indeed have a physical release, scheduled for June 11!


  1. Here is the song, Nippon...


  2. Worst song she's ever done

    1. The worst thing she has ever done---if we can even imagine such a thing---is a hundred times better than 99.999999% of all the other songs put out by all the other artists at the moment. This particular effort pushes the genre to a new level: read the lyrics and listen to the last third of the song over carefully and you will see what I mean. Hopefully this NHK work is the first step towards her having a major role in the preparations for the Tokyo Olympics.