Gyakuyunyuu will be broadcast by WOWOW

Satelitte channel WOWOW announced today two new programs for the May schedule, part of the Gyakuyunyuu promotion. One is a special program concerning the self-covers album (free broadcast!) and the other is none other than a direct-feed broadcast of the May 27th show in Yokohama (payed broadcast!).

The news by Rockin'On don't mention if the whole concert will be broadcast or just a portion, so I'm going to take a guess and say all of it.
Here are the full details.

May 25th
Timeslot: 4:45 PM
Title: 生中継直前!椎名林檎 WOWOW特別番組 ~セルフカバーアルバム「逆輸入」の件~
English: Just before the live broadcast! A Shiina Ringo special program by WOWOW concerning the ~Self-Covers Album Reimport~

May 27th
Timeslot: 7:00 PM
Title: 生中継! 椎名林檎 思い付きライブ ちょっとしたレコ発2014 ~横浜港へ逆輸入~

Please be excited!

Update: WOWOW's special page for these programs was created. See it here.

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