Yet Another Solo Ringo Single

After collaborating in many projects as a music director/collaborator, Shiina Ringo is once again involved in another project. The ballet documentary "今日と明日の間で" (Kyou to Asu no Aida de) starring dancer/actor 首藤康之 (Yasuyuki Shuto), will have the english titled track "Between Today and Tomorrow" as its theme song, which is the exact translation of the japanese title. Altough it seems it was the english name who appeared first.

Similarly to what happened with the Sakuran movie, she will work with Saitou Neko again in what seems to be an instrumental only piece. Ringo will play the piano herself. Altough we're left unsure if this will have a vocal version as well, or even if there will actually be more tracks.

I'm not exactly sure, but from what I can gather the documentary will be an autobiography of Yasuyuki Shuto himself, directed by 小林潤子 (Kobayashi Junko). I'll probably try to add more information after more research, but what you really need to know is that it's set to be released in January 17, 2012.

This certainly seems to bring more hope for a new solo album, along with the 3-track single "Carnation" which has its release date settled for November 2nd. We're talking about 4 solo tracks already!

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  1. awesome! hope she creates the new album including these new tracks, "Tamatebako" and "You"!