Shiina Ringo - "Carnation" tracklist revealed

Just a few days before the opening concert of the Discovery Tour, there has been a lot of information coming out regarding Shiina Ringo and her solo music projects.
This time it seems the cover for "Carnation" has been revealed, along with the tracklist.

Release Date: 2011.11.02
01 - カーネーション (Carnation)
02 - 私の愛するひと (Watashi no Aisuru Hito)
03 - 人生は思い通り (Jinsei wa Omoidoori)

Track 2 translates to "The One I Love" and track 3 translates to "Life as I Wish".
Is it just me or does November seem very very far away?


  1. Complete version of Carnation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzLAsYLR-xw