Tokyo Jihen - 2004.12.24 - Music Station SUPERLIVE 2004

Here's something I figured would be an easy upload. Found it recently on jpopsuki and even tho it's not a remarkable performance (only the vocals are live), it was still important promotion for the beginning of Phase 1, since many big names in the japanese pop music industry performed in this SUPERLIVE. It *was* a big television event.

Anyway, there you have it. It's "Gunjou Biyori", it's not amazing, it's your typical Music Station performance (this time with bonus pyrotechnics) but it's Phase 1 and HZM is worth watching!

01 - 群青日和 (Gunjou Biyori)

Download (MP3 V1)
Download (MP4 H264 720x404)

PS - This as got to be my worst cover yet!


  1. Thanks for the upload!
    just a note - I think the links are switched... (MP3 Link took me to the video; Video link took me to the MP3)

    Thanks again~