Shiina Ringo - 2007.03.13 - Angela Aki Documentary

I think this is definitely my most unusual upload. It's a TV documentary for Angela Aki's 2006 concert in Budokan, narrated by Shiina Ringo. It's called 武道館に桜が咲いた日 (The Day the Cherry Blossoms Bloomed in Budokan). I only actually heard about this last week, and I guess it probably went a little bit overlooked by us Ringo fans.

There's actually a part where Angela Aki shows the setlist of Suguroku Xstasy, which she attended (in Budokan), and she kept it as a memento since then, promising herself that one day she would perform on that very stage herself.
It is known Aki and Ringo are friends, but unfortunately they never appear together in this video. There's only a small clip from the "Koufukuron" performance from Electric Mole.
Unfortunately there are no subtitles, but Ringo's polite narration voice is always amazing to listen to! I included a chapter in the MP4 so you can skip to the part where Aki shows the Suguroku Xstasy setlist.

Download (MP4 H264 852x480 Chapters)

PS - I need to thank the My Keys International forum, where I got this video from.


  1. Are we meant to be greatful that you are giving us stuff you got elsewhere?


    I saw the links to our exchange on Last FM lol the saddest thing was you used it to try and get some more traffic here lol.

  2. Obrigado. Nunca tinha ouvido falar nessa narração e gostei, surpreendentemente, porque a narração da Shiina para o "Songs" foi horrível (devia estar toda "stiff" por falar de si mesma).
    Aliás, você já deve ter ouvido aquele programa de rádio entre Aki e Ringo, não?

  3. Não sabia que havia um programa de rádio com elas duas. Parece bastante interessante, obrigado pela dica, vou tentar encontrar :D

  4. Anonymous above is mentally challenged; please ignore him. What does he expect? Do you have to film this thing for us to be grateful?

  5. I know, right? It's easy to ignore him, but I never thought someone would come here just to attack (me) with this kind of comments. Hopefuly it won't happen again.