Make Your Requests

Woah, it has been a LONG time since I last posted here. Largely due to my lack of time, but also because there hasn't been much activity from Ringo or the band. I also feel like I already posted the most important files I wanted to share with you guys. But I do want to keep this blog alive and useful, that's why my idea is to have you request any file you want, as long as it doesn't break the rules (no official releases, etc), and I'll try to upload it if I have it in my collection. Of course I can't promise I'll upload it right away, so you'll have to wait a bit.

And that's it. I want to keep this pretty simple. Just reply to this post with your request and I'll see what I can do. Cheers!


  1. This is a great idea!

    I'd like to make a request. If you've got it, could you please upload the video/audio for this entire program that Ringo was a part of? I've tried to find it on YouTube but to no avail and it's got my favourite rendition of Honnou. It's basically her singing backed by (I think) three members from Soil and "Pimp" Sessions. I think the program consisted of her being interviewed and three performances of Honnou, Ishiki and (I think) Yume no Ato. It's cause of that program that I got my start with Ringo, haha. Sorry I don't remember the title of the prgoram but that's most of what I recall.

    If you've got it, thanks a lot! :D

  2. I want to request Otakara Show from March 2007 (with Meisai, Tsumi to Batsu, Ishiki, Kabukishou no Joou, Papaya Mango, Kono Yo no Kagiri and I guess Kuki)

    And I second the request of Hieu Chau. That was also a great performance! :)

  3. Hi!!!
    It's my first comment here, and I must say that I already love you! You are a saint!!!! Thanks a lot for all the uploads. I don't have a special request, but I would love to hear some live versions of kazuki ramen songs... I don't even know if she played all the song of this album live, I just hear the versions in baishou xstasy and other show most known... I don't even know if you've got them, but since know I'm very grateful for all you did for us, ringo's fans!! Thanks!

  4. Hola amigo ! thank you for the proposal... I'm still seeking the whole show of the last Countdown Japan including Gaman ! I found Osca and I've seen other songs on Youtube but I would like the entire show ! Gracias.

  5. oh yes !

    do you have the izonshou from the 'electric mole' concert tour and the sounan from tokyo jihen phase2 that everybody is talking about :3 (not from ultraC)

    THANKS ^o^

    any other bootleg is fine anyway ...

  6. Just to let you guys know about the first Blu-ray release from Tokyo Jihen! ^o^/ I can't wait to get my hands on this!



  7. @Hieu Chau: That's the Top Runner episode of 2008.07.14. I only have the "Ishiki" performance (video and audio), but I'm trying to get the complete episode. Don't really know if it's going to be any time soon tho...

    @Anonymous: I don't have the Otakara Show (yet), unfortunately. But I'm downloading the one available at jpopsuki. There's currently 8 seeds available :)

    @jaqueline: Thanks a lot for your comment :D I'll look around for KZK performances to post then.

    @themusicalbox: I wish I had the whole show as well. I got "Senkou Shoujo", "OSCA", "Ariamaru Tomi", "Kachiikusa", "Killer Tune" and "Kronekodow" from YouTube, and it seems they were the only ones that got broadcast on TV, so it'll be harder to get all the other songs. I was thinking of uploading those songs I do have, but maybe if we wait a bit longer, the other ones will pop up somewhere...

    @Nayth: I don't have "Izonshou" from Electric Mole and the "Sounan" you're saying must be the Dai Ikkai Ringohan performance that isn't on the DVD. I happen to have that "Sounan" (along with "Himitsu" and "Jusui Negai"), but it's only audio and the quality is not very good. Since it's incomplete, I can't make a post with it, so here's a simple upload of those 3 songs (not organized): http://www.mediafire.com/?zmirykn2zfy
    I didn't fix the tags or anything.

    @Henrique: Thanks! I didn't know it was already available from pre-order :)

  8. do you have the Dai Ikkai Ringohan Taikai no Moyo conert ? !!
    i wanna watch it
    thx in advance

  9. I do have it, but I can't share official Ringo or Jihen releases in this blog :\

  10. I think that Senkou Shoujo", "OSCA", "Ariamaru Tomi", "Kachiikusa", "Killer Tune" and "Kronekodow + Gaman are the whole set of that show... So we'll just miss Gaman, but if you can upload the one you have, it will be better than watching it on youtube ! Thanx.

  11. Here's the complete set:

    1.閃光少女 (Senkou Shoujo)
    3.能動的三分間 (Noudouteki Sanpunkan)
    4.我慢 (Gaman)
    5.ありあまる富 (Ariamaru Tomi)
    6.勝ち戦 (Kachiikusa)
    8.キラーチューン (Killer Tune)
    9.黒猫道 (Kronekodow)
    10.透明人間 (Toumei Ningen)

    We would be missing 4 songs, that's a bit too much. I just need to take some time to figure out if we're ever going to get the complete concert available. If not, I'll upload what I have :)

  12. Oh, thank you for correcting me. So, we'll wait and cross the fingers... ;-)

  13. Oh man, your blog is amazing. I can't believe I found it. Thank you, thank you, this stuff is amazing.

    Since you're asking for requests, there's a performance called Sunset Live 2004? Sounan and Jihen Ondo (a medley with Jazz a go go~UFO~Honnou) are performed.

    I asked EMF but they don't seem to have it. I saw it once on youtube, but it disappeared.

  14. oh also forgot to ask, do you have this music station?


  15. As for Sunset Live 2004, I have "Sounan" and "Jihen Ondo" in video, but that's like 2 songs from a 16 songs setlist, which kept me from posting it.

    As for that Music Station episode where they perform "Shuraba", I was actually downloading it but it got stuck with no peers. Don't know if I'll ever be able to finish...

    Geez, I feel like I'm not able to fulfill any request xD

  16. you should post sunset live anyways XD pleeeeeeeeease <3333 anyways the guy on EMF says those two songs were the only ones broadcast

  17. Hello,
    First, thanks for everything you've posted so far! I've been a Shiina Ringo fan since Shouso Strip & i never thought to look for live shows or bootlegs on the internet! Second, I would like to request an audio rip of the "Spa & Treatment" show by Tokyo Jihen. I found it on http://ringosan.multiply.com/music/item/236, but i have no idea how to download it from Multiply.com (i'm a Mac user). Any other live shows/bootlegs would also be appreciated! Thanks again!!

  18. The audio rip of Spa & Treatment is a little bit tricky, because there was actually an official DVD release for it, even if limited to the members of the Kronekodow fan club. But... I'll see what I can do :)

  19. Hey your page rocks¡¡ it´s thee bests of the best :D

  20. soooo great !
    I really don't mind such poor quality, as long as we get the feeling of the show really !

    THANKS :3

    I heard there were some bootleg from ultra C, dunno if you have any of them ?

  21. Requests? you got all your shit from EMF/Jpopsuki to begin with LOL!!!!

    I request you share only what you actually own instead of what you took.

  22. @Razumikhin

    oh thats a shame :( i really want to see that concert, or can you e-mail me ?

  23. I can't do that either. It's very easy to get that DVD. There are many places where you can buy it, like YesAsia or CDJapan, also.

  24. actually instead of request i have a question. long time ago i downloaded two lives from some festival (it was from 2004) sun set or something. there was Sounan and a medley with Honnou, Jazz a go-go and Pink Lady's Ufo. The both performances were aired in different tv-stations. i was always wondering if there was broadcasted more songs from this festival or is it just the two?

  25. That festival was called Sunset Live 2004 and Cinders also requested it, but I only have Sounan and the medley and those were the only broadcast performances. There is a fan-recording of the whole show, but I don't have it.

  26. know i discovered the society of citizens in 2008 but how many song they played in that concert ? do you have it ?

  27. Tokyo Jihen's setlist for SotC 2008 is:

    1 - 某都民 (Boutoumin)
    2 - BB.QUEEN
    3 - ランプ (Ramp)
    4 - ミラーボール (Mirror Ball)
    5 - 歌舞伎 (Kabuki)
    6 - OSCA
    7 - キラーチューン (Killer Tune)
    8 - 黒猫道 (Kronekodow)
    9 - 閃光少女 (Senkou Shoujo)
    10 - 丸の内サディスティック (Marunouchi Sadistic)

    I have the whole concert. Will upload when I can (my HD is fixed btw!) :)

  28. great news ! that hard drive is very important ! XD

    thx, i´ll be waiting
    btw. exist a version of sounan played by ukigumo instead hirama ?

  29. dear fella...
    if i could make a req, err. do you have any Society Of The Citizens Vol. 1 file? i'm dying to see any. :D

  30. Very nice post friend. Keep it up.......!

  31. Ancient thread but it's the only one for requests :P

    I too am also after the Sunset Live 2004 show as the two videos I have are absolute car crash in quality. If you have Jazz a Go Go in decent quality it would be more than welcome.