Rockin' On Japan June 2011 Scans

I wish I knew how to scan better, but for now this is the best I can do.
Here are the scans for June's Rockin' On Japan issue, featuring Tokyo Jihen. Of course I only scanned the TJ parts, not the whole magazine. I left the Ringo and Kameda interview out, because it's just text and I can't translate it, so... Unless someone shows interest in translating it, in that case you just have to ask.
Anyway, enjoy!

Rockin' On Japan - 2011.04.30
Download (8 PNGs)

PS - I know it's a huge size for just 8 files, but that's because they're around 2800 x 2000. Tell me if you think it's enough to provide lower resolution pictures.


  1. Thanks a lot!

    Shiina is looking so beautiful again, now that she stopped with the collagen/botox/whatever injections >.<

  2. NEW PV- --!!!