Wake up everyone, there's a new Ringo single coming!

Long time since worthwhile news, am I right?
Shiina Ringo is releasing a new single next month and it's a double A-Side, made of two tie-ins. She does like to tie-in, doesn't she?
The first song, いろはにほへと, serves as Fuji TV's new dorama series, 鴨、京都へ行く。(Kamo, Kyoto e Iku.), which already started airing. The second song, 孤独のあかつき, ties-in with NHK-E's new cross-interview show, SWITCHインタビュー 達人達 (SWITCH Interview Tatsujin-tachi), whose first episode aired last Saturday.

Here are the release details, with the official cover picture.

Title: いろはにほへと/孤独のあかつき (Iro wa nioedo / Kodoku no Akatsuki)
Release Date: 27 May 2013
01 - いろはにほへと (Preview)
02 - 孤独のあかつき (Preview)

Both songs were composed by Ringo, and while the lyrics for いろはにほへと were written by her as well, Watanabe Aya was in charge of 孤独のあかつき 's lyrics.
Pre-orders are available at the usual online stores.


  1. Both these previews are the same

  2. Cheers man. WOAH WTF @ the dance sounding track. I'm so glad she can still surprise me. I'm so excited for this. Fingers crossed for a full album.

  3. I'm so happy that she is still active. I was pretty sure she would be, but I was worried after Tokyo Jihen disbanded. It's my dream to see her live someday, so I hope she continues to create music.