New Ringo song titled "32歳の別れ"

Just to report on some news which seem to be slightly ignored by the westen community.

Tokyo Jihen's set-list for yesterday's show had a slight change in the Encore section, where they decided to replace "Yoake no Uta" with a new Ringo penned song, called "32歳の別れ" (32-sai no Wakare; Farewell My 32 Years). Before presenting the new song, she told the audience she was a bit nervous to play it because it was still being worked on and the band didn't really rehearse much.
I must say I was a little sceptical at first, because Ringo is turning 33 in November 25th, so it almost sounded like a joke. But maybe this means this stage of her life was very important for her. There's also the possibility that this is not the final title, considering how the song is still being worked on.

This new song brings to 5 the number of solo tracks released after Daihakken: "Carnation" plus two B-Sides, "Between Today and Tomorrow" and now "32-sai no Wakare". I guess a new solo album release is turning out to be more and more expected.


  1. hope Tamatebako, YOU, different versions of Sora ga Natteiru & Onnanoko are officially released as well. especially the first two songs I've been desperately wanting for ages...

  2. I'd be soooo glad if she released Tamatebako, too T_T.

  3. oh yes... Sora ga natteiru shinkaiban and Onna no ko wa daredemo sugaohen