Shiina Ringo - New Single "Carnation"

Just to get a little update done on this blog.
I've had little time no time whatsoever in the last weeks. But there are exciting news I want to share with everyone.

Shiina Ringo is releasing a new solo single! It's another dorama tie-in, just like "Ariamaru Tomi", so I'm hoping it'll give us the same hope for the future (new solo album much?).
Both the song and dorama are titled カーネーション (Carnation) and from what I can gather, the main theme will be motherhood. The story is based on the (real) life of fashion designer Ayako Koshino, who passed away in 2006 and is the mother of three women who are now at the top of the japanese fashion industry. It will portray her life from the teenage years through her fifties. An interesting fact is that Chiaki Kuriyama is part of the cast, one of Ringo's inseparable friends.
The dorama starts airing October 3rd, so there's bound to be some previews of the song by September. There's no release date for the single, yet.


  1. I don't normally watch dramas but I'll make an exception for this I think because it does sound somewhat interesting. Hooray for a new Shiina Ringo solo release!

  2. Oooohhhh pleeeaaase ! a new solo album !

  3. The new single "carnation" sounds good!!!