Shiina Ringo - 2009 - Tower Records Interview

For the promotion of Sanmon Gossip, Shiina Ringo answers 30 questions made by Tower Records. This was also a commemoration of both Ringo's and Tower's 30th anniversary.
Here is a rough english translation made by my friend papilionidae. (Original text)

Question #1
Q: What's the difference between yourself now and what you imagined you would be at 30, when you were a child? Something like "I never thought I'd do this!"
A: I kept living!

Question #2
Q: If you could say something to your 10-year-old self, what would it be?
A: Keep living!

Question #3
Q: In your opinion, what should an adult look like?
A: Have a matured flavour.

Question #4
Q: So far you've produced a lot of exquisite works. Do you have anything that you'll never want to release?
A: No. I'll do anything.

Question #5
Q: You've recently worked as a Music Director on the movie "Sakuran", which granted a Japanese Acamedy Music Award and Excelence Award. Do you plan to work as a Music Director again?
A: Yes, I'll do it.

Question #6
Q: Besides Music Direction, what other challenges do you envision?
A: A second child.

Question #7
Q: What was the last movie that you really enjoyed watching, made you feel deeply emotioned or made you cry aloud?
A: Torch Song Trilogy.

Question #8
Q: What children's song did you (love to) sing when you were young?
A: "Ice-Cream no Uta".
(Song by Amachi Fusako used in Minna no Uta)

Question #9
Q: Currently, what is your favourite work of art?
A: The sushi master in Yotsuya, Nakazawa-san.

Question #10
Q: (Imagine you're one of the comic duo. And give your honest answer, please). "Boke" or "tsukkomi", which one is you?
A: Tsukkomi. (Information)

Question #11
Q: Imagine that you're suddenly forced to take holidays from work during 1 year. Would you be delighted? Where would you go? What would you do?
A: I would be very happy. Probably hang around the kitchen, eat and drink a lot.

Question #12
Q: You know the proverb "A man for his courage, a woman for her appeal". Considering this day and age, what would you insert in "A man for his XXXX, a woman for her XXXX"?
A: Reverse the order (of courage and appeal)?

Question #13
Q: The keyword of your latest work is SG (Solid Guitar/Sanmon Gossip). Please tell us your opinion toward Solid Guitar.
A: I like those who resemble SG, man or woman.

Question #14
Q: (Supposing you watch TV) What’s your favorite TV show recently?
A: Nowadays it's "Tamishite Gaten" and "Tsurube no Kazoku ni Kanpai" and "Close-up".

Question #15
Q: What do you consider to be the best (recommended) relax (stress cancellation) item or method?
A: To ponder alone.

Question #16
Q: So far, what was the album (song) that most influenced you?
A: Toni! Toni! Toné!'s album called Sons of Soul.

Question #17
Q: Please tell us your latest CD or DVD purchase, and the reasons to have bought it.
A: Elephant Kashimashi's "Nobareru Taiyou". Because it has good reputation.

Question #18
Q: You have written various artists' names into your lyrics so far. What method you use to write them into your lyrics? Please tell us if you have any.
A: I don't think I "wrote them into the lyrics".

Question #19
Q: Besides the guitar, what other instrument would you like to play or wish you know how to play?
A: I can play guitar, and I would like to play any instrument as long as I know how to.

Question #20
Q: Imagine you won the first-class lottery prize of 300 million yen. How would you use that money?
A: To organize a lot of concerts. They are like a lover to me.

Question #21
Q: If you could do anything you wanted with Tower Records for one day, what would that be? (You can be either a customer or the company president)
A: Inhabit it. I would live inside the store.

Question #22
Q: If you were not a musician, would you consider doing anything else?
A: Maybe a housewife or dedicate time to pratice an instrument.

Question #23
Q: If you could be born again, who (what) would you like to become? (It's ok if it's not real)
A: Any creature with a penis.

Question #24
Q: You reviewed your entire career so far in Ringo EXPO 08 and the 10th Anniversary works. Now your latest album gives an impression that you're free to sing anything you want. Was there a change in your mental state?
A: Had less time to get bashful.

Question #25
Q: You released your very first album, Muzai Moratorium, which represents your teenage years. And now you're thirty and you released Sanmon Gossip. What has changed and what has remained the same?
A: People around me became friendlier.

Question #26
Q: Was there a aim or intention behind Sanmon Gossip?
A: The intention was "no concept".

Question #27
Q: The song "Shun" is the axis of symmetry of the album. Are there any other secrets (tricks) in the album? Please tell us secretly.
A: Connections between each track, key and tempo. Oh, but those are trivial things.

Question #28
Q: Please give us a slogan to promote Sanmon Gossip that would defeat the one created by Tower Records staff.
A: EAT IT! Nude sound.

Question #29
Q: Your album title is about gossip. What kind of gossips about you make you laugh a lot?
A: Gossips about getting fat.

Question #30
Q: (A common question...) Please say some words for the fans that are waiting for the new album.
A: Sorry to have kept you waiting. I was too careful.

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